Earning Reputation with the Arkasodara Beast Tribe in FFXIV

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This page contains information about the Arkasodara Tribal Quests. Here, players will find out how to unlock the tribe, the daily quests they offer, and the rewards they can get from these quests.


Arkasodara Tribal Quests

Like the other Matanga people, the Arkasodara resemble the great marid both in appearance and brawn. They are indigenous to the isle of Thavnair, and founded the city-state of Radz-at-Han together with Au Ra and Hyur migrants. Their bulky frames belie their deftness of hand, and their thirst for knowledge has led many to pursue mastery of the alchemic arts. To learn more about Tribal Quests, visit our Tribal Quests hub.



The Arkasodara are the first tribe introduced in Endwalker. They are focused on Disciples of War and Magic. The questline and daily reputation quests were released in Patch 6.15 of Endwalker, Newfound Adventure.


How to Unlock Arkasodara Quests

In order to unlock Arkasodara daily quests, players must have completed the level 90 main scenario quest Endwalker. In addition, they need to complete two separate sidequest chains. First, players must complete quests starting from Ogul at Thavnair (x25.6, y36.1), the first of which unlocks an Aether Current.

  1. Steppe Child
  2. The Matanga Along the Way
  3. Ogul Repays Her Favors
  4. The Yedlihmad Hunt

Next, players must complete quests starting from Yezahn in Thavnair (x29.2, y15.3).

  1. What's in a Parent
  2. Curing What Ails
  3. The Sins We Bear
  4. Societal Alchemy

Completing both of these quest chains will unlock the quest A Budding Adventure from Yezahn in Thavnair (x29.2, y15.3). Completing this quest will unlock the first quest in the Arkasodara Main Quests from Kancana at Thavnair (x25.3, y31.2). The quest is called Hippos Born to Run, and completing this quest will unlock the Arkasodara Beast Tribe daily quests!



The Arkasodara starts off at Friendly rank and maxes out at Bloodsworn rank. Increasing your rank unlocks new quests and new rewards to be purchased from the Arkasodara vendor.


Arkasodara Quests

After completing the first main quest, players unlock daily quests. Upon reaching max reputation for the rank, a new main story quest becomes unlocked which ranks up the player. Doing so will unlock new daily quests. All quests employ a system called quest sync, which matches the difficulty of quests to the player's current level. Players must complete the quest on the job they accept the quest on.


Arkasodara Main Quests

These quests are unlocked upon reaching the sufficient rank.

Quest Name Level Requirement Quest NPC
Hippos Born to Run 80 Kancana
A Pachyderm's Promptitude 80 Trna
Hippo Healing 80 Trna
Defiant Ogul, Deified! 80 Trna
Leader to Leader 80 Trna
The Hippo Riders 80 Trna

Arkasodara Daily Quests

While ranking up unlocks new daily quests, only three quests are offered each day. However, after ranking up players will immediately have access to the three new quests from the new rank. If the player accepts quests on a job between levels 80 and 89, they will receive experience points for that job. If the player accepts quests on a job that is level 90 or above, they will receive 5 Allagan Tomestones of Causality.



Friendly quests are offered by Maru, and reward 60 reputation each. Players will cap reputation in 3 days of 3 daily quests.

Quest Name Level Requirement Rewards
Ridin' Flyers for Flyin' Riders 80 Arkasodara Pana
Deal by the Docks 80 Arkasodara Pana
Do It for the Vine 80 Arkasodara Pana
Missing Rider 80 Arkasodara Pana
Flowers for Sanduruva 80 Arkasodara Pana
Anxious Rookie 80 Arkasodara Pana
Gulal Generosity 80 Arkasodara Pana


Trusted quests are offered by Maru, and reward 60 reputation each. Players will cap reputation in 4 days of 3 daily quests.

Quest Name Level Requirement Rewards
Essential Eggredients 80 Arkasodara Pana
Darling Defender 80 Arkasodara Pana
Bloomin' Ocean 80 Arkasodara Pana
Fresh Eats and Ripe Sweets 80 Arkasodara Pana
Waste Not, Want None of That 80 Arkasodara Pana
Seedy Affair 80 Arkasodara Pana
Olfactory Warfare 80 Arkasodara Pana


Respected quests are offered by Maru, and reward 60 reputation each. Players will cap reputation in 6 days of 3 daily quests.

Quest Name Level Requirement Rewards
Ridin' Hazards 80 Arkasodara Pana
Hippo Scrub 80 Arkasodara Pana
Vanaspati's Blessing 80 Arkasodara Pana
Hell Hath No Fury as a Hippo Scorned 80 Arkasodara Pana
Tusk Trouble 80 Arkasodara Pana
Patching Up 80 Arkasodara Pana
A Hippo's Best Friend 80 Arkasodara Pana


Honored quests are offered by Maru, and reward 60 reputation each. Players will cap reputation in 8 days of 3 daily quests.

Quest Name Level Requirement Rewards
An Explosive Brew 80 Arkasodara Pana
Gathering Moss 80 Arkasodara Pana
Blood from a Stonemason 80 Arkasodara Pana
A Radiant Delivery 80 Arkasodara Pana
Like a Crate to Water 80 Arkasodara Pana
Manusyan for a Day 80 Arkasodara Pana
Steep the Legs 80 Arkasodara Pana


No new quests are offered once players reach the rank of Sworn, and players will cap reputation in 10 days of 3 daily quests.



Players can exchange their Arkasodara Pana with Ghanta. More items will be unlocked after increasing your reputation.

These are items that can be purchased with currency.

Item Reputation Cost
Savage Aim Materia IX Icon Savage Aim Materia IX Friendly 3
Savage Aim Materia X Icon Savage Aim Materia X Friendly 6
Savage Might Materia IX Icon Savage Might Materia IX Friendly 3
Savage Might Materia X Icon Savage Might Materia X Friendly 6
Heavens' Eye Materia IX Icon Heavens' Eye Materia IX Friendly 3
Heavens' Eye Materia X Icon Heavens' Eye Materia X Friendly 6
Quickarm Materia IX Icon Quickarm Materia IX Friendly 3
Quickarm Materia X Icon Quickarm Materia X Friendly 6
Quicktongue Materia IX Icon Quicktongue Materia IX Friendly 3
Quicktongue Materia X Icon Quicktongue Materia X Friendly 6
Battledance Materia IX Icon Battledance Materia IX Friendly 3
Battledance Materia X Icon Battledance Materia X Friendly 6
Piety Materia IX Icon Piety Materia IX Friendly 3
Piety Materia X Icon Piety Materia X Friendly 6
Wind-up Arkasodara Icon Wind-up Arkasodara Trusted 8
Hippo Cart Horn Icon Hippo Cart Horn Sworn 18
Stuffed Cinduruva Icon Stuffed Cinduruva Respected 4
Stuffed Minduruva Icon Stuffed Minduruva Honored 4
Stuffed Sanduruva Icon Stuffed Sanduruva Honored 4
Gajasura Card Icon Gajasura Card Respected 6
Hippo Ridin' Orchestrion Roll Icon Hippo Ridin' Orchestrion Roll Bloodsworn 6


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