Explaining the Disciple of the Land Attributes in FFXIV

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This guide outlines and explains how the gathering-specific attributes, Gathering, Perception, and Gathering Points, affect and benefit Actions taken when gathering items as one of Final Fantasy XIV's Disciples of the Land classes.


Attributes for Disciples of the Land

Final Fantasy XIV is well-known for the effort that is put into each of its playable jobs to ensure that they all offer a meaningful gameplay experience. Even its gathering-focused jobs, those in the Disciples of the Land category, offer rich and engaging gameplay that involves more than simply running from one gathering node to another. Final Fantasy XIV features three Disciple of the Land classes: Miner, Fisher, and Botanist.

As Disciples of the land tend to eschew combat in favor of stealth and enemy avoidance to aid their gathering efforts. Therefore, attributes which benefit the combat jobs are not desirable. Instead, they rely on three crafting-specific attributes that can be increased through use of specialized gear pieces: Gathering, Perception, and GP (Gathering Points).

Once you are ready to start gathering in the world of Eorzea, be sure to check out our Disciples of the Land guide hub linked below!



Most overworld gathering nodes have specific Gathering requirements that must be met in order to guarantee successful collection of an item in any given gathering node's item slot. The Gathering attribute, simply put, increases your chance of successfully receiving the item you are attempting to gather.



Perception increases the chance of triggering the Gatherer's Boon effect, which increases the yield of the item by one.

High Quality gathered items were removed with the Endwalker expansion.


Gathering Points (GP)

The process of gathering an item is limited by two main parameters:

  • The chance to successfully gather the selected item at a node, which can be increased through specific Actions.
  • Whether you have enough CP to perform these Actions, as most (though not all) Actions have a corresponding CP cost.

Gathering Points are your main resource when gathering; they allow you to perform Actions and are consumed through gathering attempts. Raising your GP attribute increases the maximum amount of Gathering Points you can have at any one time. This allows you to use more Actions to improve the success rate of your Gathering attempts or to increase the yield or collectability of items gathered.



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