The Endsinger's Aria Extreme Trial Guide

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This guide aims to prepare players for "The Minstrel's Ballad: Endsinger's Aria" by providing detailed explanations of the fight's mechanics, as well as consistent strategies for the purpose of farming.



Had the Endsinger succeeded in gathering but a few more stars' worth of despair─or even that of a few more souls─might the darkness you faced have been so deep, not even the light of hope kindled by your comrades could pierce it? So muses the wandering minstrel, and by his consummately evocative words, you find your mind set adrift amidst that unsettling possibility, where you can rely upon naught save your own conviction to overcome the ultimate incarnation of despair...


Unlock Requirements

The Minstrel's Ballad: Endsinger's Aria can be unlocked at level 90 after completing the main scenario quest "Endwalker" and talking to the Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan (x12.7, y14.2). It requires a minimum item level of 580 to queue, but this requirement can be bypassed by entering with a full party.


Encounter Guide

This encounter has a hard enrage of roughly 11:25. The Endsinger will always stay on the north side of the arena and has no positional requirements.


Raid Preparation

Players must be split into two light parties of one tank, one healer, and two DPS each. In addition, tanks/healers and DPS will need to be ordered from 1 to 4 for tower positions from north to south later in the encounter, with melee in 1 and 2 and ranged in 3 and 4.


Phase 1: The Endsinger


The Endsinger's Abilities

  • Elegeia Unforgotten: The Endsinger deals moderate raidwide damage and summons either two Fiery Stars or two Azure Stars around the arena, as well as a head in the middle of the arena. The head will face a random intercardinal and do a half-room cleave, while the stars will rotate around the arena, with one moving quickly and one moving slowly. Upon colliding at an intercardinal, they do a mechanic.
    • Fiery Stars are red, have no ring, and will do a large circular AoE from the collision point.
    • Azure Stars are blue, have a ring around them, and will knockback from the collision point.
  • Katasterismoi: Spawns eight towers in the middle of the arena vertically, with four towers in a line east and west. These need to be stood in by one player each or it will explode.
  • Grip of Despair: Tethers tanks and healers to one DPS each, which can be broken by running away from the tethered player. If the tether is allowed to remain, it will deal continuous damage and apply vulnerability up debuffs.
  • Elenchos: The Endsinger will either cleave the sides of the arena if her eyes are crying or shoot a line AoE down the middle of the arena if her mouth is glowing.
  • Telos: Heavy raidwide magic damage.
  • Hubris: Targets the two players with the highest enmity with an AoE tank buster.
  • Eironeia: A stack marker appears on both healers, which must be shared by four players each.
  • Fatalism: The Endsinger will record previous Elegeia Unforgotten star collision mechanics. Recorded mechanics will be executed in quick succession. This will occur in the order the collisions are rewinded.

This encounter is split into four main sets of mechanics, and a final phase which repeats previously seen mechanics.

The Endsinger will begin by casting Elegeia Unforgotten. Players should ascertain what stars are spawning, where the stars spawn, and where the collision point will be. The two stars will always spawn on intercardinals opposite from each other, and the collision point will always be 90 degrees clockwise of the slow-moving star. If they are Fiery Stars, move away from the collision point, and if they are Azure Stars, move to the collision point. Finally, avoid the half-room cleave by either moving into the safe spot or getting knocked into the safe spot. After this, the boss will cast another Elegeia Unforgotten.

After the second one, the Endsinger will summon towers with Katasterismoi and tether players together with Grip of Despair. Players need to stack in the middle of the arena, and move away from each other when the tethers spawn. Tanks and healers will go left and DPS will go right. All players will then need to stand in their tower in the order assigned starting from the north side. At the same time, the Endsinger will cast Elenchos. Players need to stand on the tower while dodging the AoE down the middle or the AoE cleaving the sides.

Gather back in the middle as the Endsinger will cast Telos, then Hubris. Afterwards, it will cast Elegeia Unforgotten again. Once this collision has finished and it has been recorded, the Endsinger will cast Fatalism. Fatalism will perform two collision mechanics in sequence based on the order of which they were rewinded. These will always happen on opposite intercardinals, and require quick movement in order to dodge both sets. Immediately after, the Endsinger will cast Elenchos, so dodge that after the second collision event.


Phase Two: The Endsinger

The Endsinger has the following new abilities in this phase:

  • Twinsong's Aporrhoia: Summons four heads intercardinally around the arena and one head in the middle of the arena. The head in the middle of the arena performs the half-room cleave like previously, while the four intercardinal heads will do a donut or AoE.
    • Necrotic Fluid is an AoE around the head.
    • Wave of Nausea is a donut AoE around the head.
  • Aporrhoia Unforgotten: The heads will perform their mechanic. This happens three times in succession, and subsequent uses will have the middle head rotate 90 degrees clockwise and the intercardinal heads alternating between the two abilities.
  • Theological Fatalism: The Endsinger tethers to each head with one, two, or three rings. The number of rings around the head will rewind the head, indicating which Aporrhoia Unforgotten mechanic will be executed. One ring will rewind the mechanic once, so it will do the most recent one, two rings will rewind twice and do the one before that, and so on and so forth.

The Endsinger will cast Twinsong's Aporrhoia, summoning five heads. Players must first stand in the safe spot of the half-room cleave and locate the head that is casting Wave of Nausea, and stand inside the safe spot. Aporrhoia Unforgotten will be cast three times, with the middle head rotating its cleave 90 degrees each time and the other heads alternating between a donut and an AoE. Players can simply rotate clockwise to the next head to stay in a safe spot.

Next, the Endsinger will cast Theological Fatalism. Each head will be tethered with one, two, or three rings, indicating which previous configuration of Aporrhoia Unforgotten mechanic that head will perform. For example, if the first Aporrhoia Unforgotten cleaved the east side of the arena and the middle head had three rings, the middle head would be rewinded three times back to that state and cleave that side of the arena again.

To find the safe spot, remember which heads cast Wave of Nausea on the last iteration of the mechanic. First determine where the middle head will cleave. One ring means it will cleave where it is facing currently, two means it will go 90 degrees counter-clockwise, and three means it will cleave in the opposite direction. Locate the head that cast Wave of Nausea on the safe side and look how many rings it has. If it has one or three rings, it will cast Wave of Nausea again, and it will be safe. If it has two rings, it will cast Necrotic Fluid, and therefore, the other head will be safe.

Immediately after the safe spot mechanic resolves, the Endsinger will cast Eironeia as well as Elenchos. The two light parties will need to stand north and south relative to each other and stand on the safe spot for Elenchos while sharing the stack marker. The Endsinger will cast another Hubris and transition to the third set of mechanics.


Phase Three: The Endsinger

The Endsinger has the following new abilities in this phase:

  • Despair Unforgotten: Inflicts all players with debuffs which perform mechanics when they expire. These mechanics have indicators as well.
    • Echoes of the Future will place a Flare marker on the player, dealing proximity damage from their location.
    • Echoes of Nausea will place a donut AoE on the player, with the safe spots being close to the player and far away.
    • Echoes of Benevolence will place a stack marker on the player.
    • Echoes of Befoulment will place a large circle AoE on the player.
  • Telomania: Four instances of moderate raidwide damage followed by a fifth heavy hit that inflicts a Bleed DoT on all players.

The Endsinger will cast Despair Unforgotten a total of three times in this phase. There are three possible configurations of this mechanic.

  1. All eight players will be inflicted with Echoes of Befoulment. Spread out to dodge.
  2. Four DPS will be inflicted with Echoes of the Future. Three of tanks and healers will be inflicted with Echoes of Nausea, while one tank or healer will be inflicted with Echoes of Benevolence. One role will need to stand at the very edge of the arena, while the other role will stand in the center.
  3. Four tanks and healers will be inflicted with Echoes of the Future. Three DPS will be inflicted with Echoes of Nausea, while one DPS will be inflicted with Echoes of Benevolence. One role will need to stand at the very edge of the arena, while the other role will stand in the center.

The Endsinger will record each instance of this mechanic used, remembering which player received which debuff on which cast. After the second cast, it will cast Elenchos so players need to dodge right after. After the third cast, the Endsinger will cast Theological Fatalism once again, except players will receive rings instead. Again, these rings indicate the amount of times the mechanic will be rewinded. For example, if the second Despair Unforgotten inflicted all eight players with Echoes of Befoulment and a player had two rings, they would have Echoes of Befoulement when Theological Fatalism resolves. Players need to perform the mechanic they will receive, with stack and donut in the middle, and flare and AoE on the edge away from each other.

The Endsinger will cast Telomania, dealing heavy damage. Make sure to mitigate and heal through all five hits.


Phase Four: The Endsinger

The Endsinger has the following new abilities in this phase:

  • Endsong's Aporrhoia: Summons six heads around the arena. Three will be on one side and three will be on another.
  • Endsong: The Endsinger summons four rings which float to one head each. When a ring comes in contact with a head, the head will do a large AoE around it. The rings will continue to move between heads three times.

The Endsinger will introduce the final new mechanic of the fight, Endsong. This is a simple execution-based mechanic. Find the heads that the rings are not floating to and avoid them. The first set of rings will hit three heads on one side of the arena, so go to a safe spot on the other side. Subsequent set of rings can hit two heads on both sides of the arena, which leaves a small safe spot at the edges of the arena. This will repeat three times, so continue dodging until the last set where the Endsinger casts Elenchos, Telos, and Hubris.

The Endsinger will then record a collision point on the final intercardinal with Elegeia Unforgotten with Eironeia following it - split into light parties after the knockback or dodge. Fatalism will then be cast two times in a row, with opposite intercardinals with the same type of star being tethered each time. This means that players will know exactly which mechanics will happen and in what sequence based on the last Elegeia Unforgotten. If the boss tethered the same intercardinal as the final collision event, it will be that type of star, and if it did not tether that intercardinal, it is the opposite type of star. Dodge all four sets of collision events in quick succession.

Right as the last collision event occurs, the Endsinger will summon Katasterismoi towers and cast Elenchos. There are no tethers during this point, so quickly head to your assigned tower and stand on the correct side of the tower to dodge the AoE. It will then cast Telomania and transition into the final phase.


Phase Five: The Endsinger

All mechanics in this phase have been seen previously.

The Endsinger will do another set of Twinsong's Aporrhoia, so identify the same spot after rotating three times. Again, this is followed by Eironeia and Elenchos just like in the second phase. The Endsinger will then cast Hubris and do another set of Endsong's Aporrhoia, so dodge the AoEs coming from the heads indicated by the rings. After the final set of AoEs, Elenchos will be cast followed by Telos. Finally, the Endsinger will cast a final set of double Fatalisms. Players will need to identify the type of star and do the same two mechanics, and then do the other two mechanics as done previously. After the final collision event, the Endsinger will cast Telos.

To reiterate, the mechanics in order in the final phase are as follows.

  1. Twinsong's Aporrhoia;
  2. Eironeia with Elenchos;
  3. Hubris;
  4. Endsong's Aporrhoia;
  5. Elenchos;
  6. Telos;
  7. Two sets of Fatalism;
  8. Telos.

At roughly 11 minutes into the fight, the Endsinger will begin to cast a final Fatalism. This summons a gigantic black star that will collide onto the arena at 11:25, serving as the hard enrage to the encounter.



When the Endsinger is defeated, it will drop one random item level 595 Bluefeather weapon and one Bluefeather Weapon Coffer Icon Bluefeather Weapon Coffer. Rarely, it will drop Blue Feather Icon Blue Feather, Faded Copy of The Final Day Icon Faded Copy of The Final Day, and/or a Bluefeather Lynx Flute Icon Bluefeather Lynx Flute.

In addition, all party members will receive two of Ultimatum Token Icon Ultimatum Token, which can be exchanged for any item level 595 Bluefeather weapon from Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (x10.6, y10.0).



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