Eureka Orthos Floors 61-70 Guide

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This page provides information about floors 61 through 70 of Eureka Orthos including enemy information and boss advice.


Eureka Orthos Guide for Floors 61-70

On floors 61-70, the Accursed Horde will take the form of a Silver-tinged Sack Icon Silver-tinged Sack, and Mimics can spawn from Gold Coffers. This means that Stun can no longer be used to prevent Pox. You can expect 4-10 kills to be required to proceed between floors, 4-6 Treasure Coffers per floor, 5-8 rooms per floor and 2-3 enemies per room outside of Treasure Rooms, which will have significantly more Coffers and enemies.


Floors 61-69

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On the fourth floorset of the challenge floors, it becomes even more important to be aware of patrol mobs and to avoid pulling multiple enemies at a time unless necessary, as certain enemies can either buff their allies or have attacks with animation-based tells but no castbars.

Enemy Aggro Abilities Floors Notes
Orthos Matamata Sight
  • Scalding Breath: Telegraphed cone-shaped AoE.
  • Embalming Earth: Telegraphed point-blank AoE.
61-63 No Immunities.
Orthos Pteroc Sight Backflip: Instant. Inflicts Poison for 12s. 61-63 No Immunities.
Orthos Cobra Sight
  • Regorge: Telegraphed circle AoE.
  • Whip Back: Untelegraphed cone-shaped AoE. Used after Regorge if anyone is behind it.
  • Disseminate: Instant point-blank AoE. Inflicts 50% Vulnerability Up for 20s. Used on death.
61-64 Patrol. No Immunities.
Orthos Diplocaulus Proximity Peculiar Light: Telegraphed point-blank AoE. Inflicts 200% Vulnerability Up for 3m on players, and grants Evasion Up for 3m to enemies within range (excluding self). Be aware that this removes the Vulnerability Down effect from a Pomander of Steel, and prevents its reapplication while active. 61-64 Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Orthoninja Proximity
  • Shukuchi: Instant gap-closer.
  • Death Blossom: Telegraphed point-blank AoE. Used immediately after Shukuchi.
  • Assassinate: Used on players with less than 20% max HP. Instant death.
61-69 Patrol. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Orthos Monitor Sight Fire Breath: Telegraphed cone-shaped AoE. 62-65 No Immunities.
Orthos Gowrow Sight
  • Ripper Claw: Untelegraphed cone-shaped AoE. No castbar, get behind when arm is raised.
  • Tail Smash: Untelegraphed cone-shaped AoE. No castbar, get in front when tail is raised.
63-66 Patrol. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Orthos Drake Sight Smoldering Scales: Grants buff to self for 6s. Will instantly kill players that use physical attacks during this time, including auto-attacks.. 64-66 No Immunities.
Orthos Basilisk Sight
  • Stone Gaze: Untelegraphed cone-shaped Gaze AoE.
  • Body Slam: Telegraphed point-blank AoE.
65-67 No Immunities.
Orthos Anala Sight Ring of Fire: Telegraphed circle AoE. 65-68 No Immunities.
Haokah Perfected Sight Spinning Kick: Instant point-blank AoE. Inflicts Knockback on players hit. 66-69 No Immunities.
Orthos Falak Sight Electric Cachexia: Untelegraphed donut-shaped AoE. Only used if at least one player is distant from it. 67-69 Immune to Bind.
Orthos Palleon Sight
  • Sticky Tongue: Instant draw-in.
  • Body Press: Untelegraphed point-blank AoE. Used immediately after Sticky Tongue.
67-69 Immune to Slow.
Mimics Proximity
  • Infatuation: Inflicts Pox for 10 minutes. Must be interrupted.
  • Deathtrap: Telegraphed point-blank AoE.
61-69 Gold Coffers. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep, Slow and Stun.

Floor 70 Boss - Aeturna

The seventh boss of Eureka Orthos, and the fourth of the challenge floorsets. Similar to Gowrow earlier in the floorset, looking at visual tells is required to avoid certain attacks. Safe spots can be small or difficult to predict in some cases. This boss can be obtained as a mount by earning the achievement Vintage Vogue Icon Vintage Vogue and receiving the Aeturna Horn Icon Aeturna Horn from the Achievements menu.

Boss Rotation Quick-Guide:
  1. Steel Claw
  2. Ferocity
  3. Preternatural Turn
  4. Roar
  5. Preternatural Turn
  6. Repeat from start

The arena is a circle, with the boss starting slightly north of the centre. The first mechanic of the fight is Steel Claw, a weak non-cleaving tankbuster marked with a red ring. The boss will then cast Ferocity, tethering one player. This attack will deal proximity damage to the tethered player when it resolves, so that player should move away from the boss until the tether changes from pink arrows into a purple line.

After dashing, the boss will cast Preternatural Turn. If the boss is gathering blue and green energy during the castbar, this attack will be a donut-shaped AoE, and players should stand inside the hitbox to avoid it. If the boss is not gathering energy, this attack will instead be a large point-blank AoE, so move away from the boss to avoid it.

Next is Roar, a raidwide that will be followed up with four sets of several small AoEs and one larger AoE. There will be three small AoEs per set if solo, with one baited on the player each time, and in a full party there are four small AoEs per set, with two baited on random players each time. The larger AoEs will drop large crystals on fixed positions around the centre of the arena, with one crystal notably further out from the middle than the others.

The boss will now jump to the middle and cast Preternatural Turn again, with the same visual tell. This time, there will only be one or two small safe spots, depending on whether the safe spot is inside or outside the hitbox of the boss.

If the safe spot is inside, the crystals will do point-blank AoEs, leaving a small triangular safe spot inside the hitbox of the boss in the direction of the solitary crystal. This telegraph is early enough to allow players to adjust.

If the safe spot is outside, the crystals will do cone-shaped AoEs facing outwards, with a small safe spot either side of the solitary crystal. These telegraphs are too late for most players to be able to adjust to them reflextively, so we recommend watching a PoV of the encounter in order to see how the AoEs are laid out.

After this point, the boss will begin to loop mechanics from the start of the fight.

On a DPS, you can expect a killtime of about ten minutes, or faster with the aid of a Pomander of Strength or Demiclone Generator. On a tank or healer, you can expect a killtime of about 15 minutes under the same conditions. At this point, you should consider starting to use a Strength or a Demiclone for bosses if you haven't been doing so already, as not doing so can lead to timing out on the floorset.



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