The Stigma Dreamscape Full Dungeon Guide

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Welcome to our guide to the Stigma Dreamscape, a capstone dungeon in Endwalker. This guide aims to prepare players for the dungeon so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.



For the first time since the fall of its civilization, the warmongering Stigma-4 is awake, its unbeating heart set on conquering a distant star─yours. Omicron N-7000 believes that the most effective means of deterrence is to convince its subconscious circuits of how poorly it would fare against Hydaelyn's champion, and has opened a path to allow you to implant a pseudo-memory of just such a contest. Thus does it fall to you to answer the question─of what do matrices dream?


Unlocking The Stigma Dreamscape

The Stigma Dreamscape can be unlocked at Level 90 with the side quest "Where No Loporrit Has Gone Before" from Jammingway in Old Sharlayan (x11, y14). It is one of three capstone dungeons players will encounter in Endwalker and is located in Ultima Thule. There is a minimum item level restriction of 540 to enter.


Full Dungeon Guide for The Stigma Dreamscape


First Boss Trash Mobs

  • Omicron Invader
    • Dodge the point-blank AoE, Shocking Discharge.
    • Dodge the frontal line AoE, Electric Stream.
  • Level Tricker
    • Dodge the AoE, Reset.
  • Eta Invader
    • Dodge the AoE, Maser Cannon.

No mobs are particularly threatening, but they will do plenty of auto damage if the tank is undergeared.



  • There will be a ring of electricity around the arena.
  • Side Cannons will cleave half the arena based on what direction is indicated - either left or right.
  • Rear Interceptors will cleave half the arena
  • Chemical Missile marks all players with AoEs. These drop puddles of fire that inflict a DoT to players standing inside.
  • Electric Slide is a stack marker that knocks players back from the player with the marker. Make sure you do not get knocked into the fire puddles.
  • Guided Missile will tether missiles to two players. They will need to kite their missile as it will follow them and explode after a short duration.
  • Mustard Bomb is a tank buster.
  • Both Missiles will be cast simultaneously, so players must drop their puddle in a safe location and avoid the missile explosion.

Second Boss Trash Mobs

  • Lambda Invader
    • Wheel is a tank buster.
  • Delta Invader
    • Dodge the line AoE, Rail Cannon.

Besides the Lambda Invader's tank buster, no mobs are particularly threatening. The tank should stun it if possible. Again, these mobs will do plenty of auto damage if the tank is undergeared.



  • Wheel is a tank buster.
  • When the Arch-Lambda starts casting Auto-mobile Assault Cannon, the line AoEs that appear indicates where it will dash. Move to the final location.
  • Wave Cannon will do a large AoE towards the center of the arena. This happens right after the dashes.
  • Atomic Flame deals raidwide damage.
  • Auto-mobile Sniper Cannon is a charge across the center of the arena. Additionally, all players will be marked with a number of dots on their head, along with dots on the line AoE. Those dots will fire a line AoE towards the players whose number matches theirs. Spread out to avoid clipping each other.

Third Boss Trash Mobs

  • Hybrid Dragon
    • Dodge the frontal line AoE, Engulfing Flames.

No mobs are particularly threatening, but they will do plenty of auto damage if the tank is undergeared.



  • AI Takeover will summon adds onto the arena. Adds that are targetable will cast an ability and Self-destruct if not killed in time.
    • The Omega Frame does Proto-wave Cannon, which is functionally identical to the Side Cannons from the first boss.
    • The Hybrid Dragon does Fire Breath, a frontal conal AoE.
    • Proto-Rocket Punches spawn on the east or west of the arena and cast Rush, a line AoE across the arena. These are untargetable.
  • When Stigma-4 says it will initialize transformation sequence, it will transform into either a circle or a spiral. The circle does a donut AoE, and the spiral does a point-blank AoE.
  • Mindhack will inflict players with a Forced March, causing players to walk in the direction indicated once the debuff expires. This will be accompanied with either a donut AoE or a point-blank AoE, so players need to walk themselves to a safe spot.
  • Atomic Ray deals raidwide damage and inflicts an uncleansable bleed DoT.
  • Multi-AI Takeover will summon both the Proto-Rocket Punches and a targetable add that does its maechanic.


This dungeon, along with the other two endgame dungeons, drop item level 560 The Last accessories.



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