Disciples of the Land Skills, Leveling, Gear, and Questing Guides for FFXIV Patch 6.5

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This page serves as a hub for leveling content regarding your gathering classes, including basics, skills, leves, leveling, class quests, skills, and more!


Disciples of the Land Hub

In Final Fantasy XIV, your gathering classes have a lot of depth and their own systems, endgame progression, gearing, and currencies. In a sense, gathering is a core piece of content in the game that can be fun and relaxing.

Gathering is mainly used to support crafting by providing various items and materials to assist with crafting items while leveling and at endgame. It can also be a good method to help make gil because gathering requires only a small investment of leveling and some easy gearing, meaning all of your profits go straight back into your pocket.

There are three gathering classes. Miner is unlocked in Ul'dah - Steps of Thal - (x11, y14.5), Botany is unlocked in Old Gridania (x6, y8), and Fisher is unlocked in the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (x8, y14.5). Mining and Botany are very similar mechanically as they use the same systems and almost identical skills with the occasional name change and different icons. Fishing, on the other hand, is practically a separate game in itself. Gearing for Fisher is shared with Miner and Botanist, but the skills, mechanics, goals, and relation it has to the rest of the DoH/DoL content are substantially different.


Mining, Botany, and Fishing Basics

Gathering in many aspects can be relatively simple at the start - players simply go to a node and gather some items. Over time, you will level and gain new skills, traits, items, gear, and gameplay mechanics. These can provide more layers and depth to the gameplay, which you will learn as you progress.

Linked below is a guide to the basics for these classes with explanations of the mechanics introduced through the main leveling process, including how your stats work, the types of nodes, an explanation of the gathering UI, and more.


Gathering Skills Explained

There are various skills you gain while leveling your gathering classes, many of which function in different ways or act as direct or indirect upgrades to old skills you already have.

Many skills help locate items or gathering points, increase yield, increase your chance to gather, or increase your chance to gain additional yield. Some only work for specific items such as shards or collectables.

Below is our guide for Mining and Botany skills, which includes explanations of how these skills work and their uses.

Additionally, below is the equivalent guide for Fisher, which has different skills compared to the other two classes, including those that only work while fishing with a rod or a spear.


Leveling Your Gathering Classes

There are three main ways to level your gathering classes: through the Diadem, leves, and collectables. For Fishing, there is also Ocean Fishing. Additionally, there are several side methods that are mainly comprised of daily content such as beast tribes, GC turn-ins, and custom deliveries. It is worth doing these once a day for a big bonus to your exp while leveling.

Check out our leveling guide below to learn how to best level these classes up to level 90.

While leveling up, be sure to also consider the different methods of keeping your gear up to date. You can find information about gearing up your gatherers in the guide linked below.


Class Quests

As you level up, you will unlock new class quests that reward gear, experience points, materia, skills, and traits.

Make sure to complete these as you progress and level your gathering classes for an easier time. Check out our class quest guide for gathering classes to see what items you need and any important rewards.


Gathering Collectables

Collectables are a core mechanic introduced at level 50 for your gathering classes and level 20 for crafters. Instead of gathering items normally, you will use special skills to gather them as a collectable.

These skills increase the rating on the item and can then be exchanged for experience points and a currency called scrips, which can be used for items, materia, gear, and folklore books that unlock endgame nodes.


Endgame Gathering

After you finish leveling your gatherers, a multitude of endgame nodes and materials will be made available to unlock!

If you are looking for more information about endgame gathering, be sure to check out our endgame gathering guide hub linked below.



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