Guide to Obtaining Skybuilders' Scrips in Ishgard Restoration, Firmament, and Diadem

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Skybuilders' Scrips are a currency only used inside the Ishgardian Restoration and can be a good method of gil. This guide explains how best to farm and spend this currency to make huge quantities of gil.


Skybuilders' Scrip Farming Guide

Skybuilders' Scrips are the main currency featured inside the Ishgardian Restoration and are used to buy a variety of materials and cosmetic items to use or to sell for a profit, such as mounts, minions, glamour items, and furnishings.

This makes farming these items a great method to farm gil, as cosmetic items always have some demand, as well as the Kupo of Fortune minigame, which provides you with even more items to sell, further increasing your profits.


What Items Are Best To Farm?

There are eight different crafting classes and three gathering classes, meaning there is a large range of potential items you can farm to gain your scrips.

That being said, there is no 'best', because it varies from each server: on one server, Goldsmith could be best, and on another, it could be Carpenter. This also can fluctuate from time to time if you are purchasing the materials. Do not forget to use the server visit system to buy cheap materials from other servers on your Datacenter.

You also have the option of using your gathering classes to gather the materials yourself instead of reliance on the market, but this can often take longer, as well as depending on personal preference and the cost of the materials.

The most important thing to be aware of is to not craft the Level 80 artisanal crafts. They offer more scrips, but can not be mass produced with macros, require good gear/buffs, and take a lot of time to craft a single item. These are expert crafts and are for unique achievements, not casual gil making.


Worthwhile Items to Sell

Items can be purchased from Enie at (x12, y14) inside the Firmament, using Skybuilders' Scrips obtained via crafting or gathering. Gil-making advice is not to be taken as fact, as it can fluctuate widely, but gives you a starting point for items to research.

Enie, the scrip exchange.

Because each server is unique, there is no definitive list. Always do your research and check if an item is worth your scrips.

Often, items costing a similar amount of scrips are worth the same value, so it can be a case of checking your market board to look for any spikes in sale price and use that opportunity. Diversity is also important as selling only dyes, or hair, or glamour will give you less opportunity, and if you are farming, often you can run out of space.

Item Type Potential Explanation
Mounts Medium potential Mounts themselves tend to be worth a similar amount of gil per skybuilder scrip and, while it looks high, it is not always very efficient scrip wise. They are, however, efficient for your retainer sale space, meaning if you want to farm a lot of scrips, these items become more worthwhile.
Hairstyles & Emotes Medium potential These items are all often very similar sale-wise and there can be better methods to spend your scrips. These items are worth keeping an eye on because any spikes in the sale value will turn these items into some of the best to sell.
Minions Low-Medium potential Many minions come from other methods and different content in the game, making many of them worthless. Keep an eye out on Cerberpup Icon Cerberpup and Miniature White Knight Icon Miniature White Knight, as these tend to be the better minions.
Music Rolls Low-High potential Some of the music rolls can be worth a lot of gil, whereas others sell for less than a handful of teleports. Safety in Numbers, The Mendicant's Relish, The Heavens' Ward, and Jewel & Skyrise are often best, as they can only be obtained via Scrips.
Parasols Low potential aside from 1 high potential item. The only parasol worth selling tends to be Parasol Icon Parasol. Being the original parasol and a black design likely helps this item retain value, especially given the other parasols have had another source either currently or in the past.
Glamour items Medium potential Some of these pieces tend to sell much better than others, namely the chestpieces and legs, so keep an eye out for Craftsman's Singlet Icon Craftsman's Singlet, Craftsman's Leather Trousers Icon Craftsman's Leather Trousers, Craftsman's Apron Icon Craftsman's Apron, Skyworker's Singlet Icon Skyworker's Singlet, and Skyworker's Bottoms Icon Skyworker's Bottoms.
Furnishings Low-High Potential The vast majority of furnishings do not have a lot of value and are incredibly easy to obtain from other methods. There are a few outliers, such as Apron Rack Icon Apron Rack, Imposing Ishgardian Shelf Icon Imposing Ishgardian Shelf, and the Moogle furnishings. Their value will also increase a lot when new houses are released.
Materia Low These lower grades of materia are not worth farming or selling using Skybuilders' Scrips, the price is too low and will soon stop being the best grades of materia potentially giving less of a reason to use it.
Dye High The dyes costing 100 scrips are the most consistent high potential items to sell, the 500 scrip dyes however tend to not be worth farming. Ruby red, cherry pink, and turquoise blue tend to be the most popular dyes. These dyes are also very cheap scrip-wise and, because they are stackable, you can very quickly and easily sell small stacks of these dyes.
Crafting Materials High There are 3 types of crafting materials: skysteel materials used on certain glamour crafts, oddly specific materials, and oddly delicate materials. Oddly specific and delicate materials are used for the relic crafts and cost 20-30 scrips each. They do not sell for large amounts, but because of how cheap they are to buy, it is still a really good profit margin. The frequency in which they sell is likely to drop over time as more and more people gain the relic or upgrade their gear in Endwalker.

For more information on the Ishgardian Restoration and its various rewards, be sure to check out our dedicated guide hub linked below.



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