Fête Rewards and Guide to the Skyrise Celebration

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Fetes are a special type of fates inside the Ishgardian Restoration only available to DoH/DoL classes to celebrate the playerbase finishing building their servers version of the Firmament.


Ishgard Restoration Fetes

Fetes inside the Ishgardian Restoration are special fates that only occur based on an in-game timer and can only be completed using a crafting or gathering class.

The Fete Timer

This timer helps you find out when the next fetes are so that you can plan accordingly. The rewards for fetes are various items such as minions, glamour, mounts, but most importantly Skybuilders' Scrips, experience points, and Fête Present Icon Fête Present.

The experience points gained can be very useful to help level your crafting without using any materials or currencies, while the presents offer a random item out of a selection which will be listed below.


Types of Fetes

There are five fetes that play one after another and all have minimum turn-in requirements to hit gold on the fete and have the most rewards. These are:

  • A Twist of Fete - 6
  • Made of Softer Stuff - 3
  • Shear-a-Yak - 4
  • Toy Hunter - 4
  • Presents of Mind - 6

A Twist of Fete

This fete requires six 'turn-ins,' which are accomplished by copying the emote of the costumed NPC in front of you performing their specific emote. These NPCs take turns to perform their emote and you must use the same emote that is specifically on your hotbar, while you are targeting that NPC.

Fetes can be full of a lot of people, so make sure to stand close to the NPCs and make sure you have targeted them and not another player jumping in the way. If you are successful, you will gain one point out of the six you need.


Made of Softer Stuff

Made of Softer Stuff is a fete where you 'craft' stuffed toys and transport them to one of two spots, so they can be delivered off. These fetes do not require any actual crafting and instead ask you to interact with the stuffed toy materials on the ground, pick up the toy, and carry them over to the wains. After three moogles have been crafted and turned in, you should hit gold.



You will be given actions on your hotbar for this fete, the first being a copy of the Aetheromatic Auger from the diadem that is used to attack enemies, but is instead called the Aetheromatic Clippers. You need to use the clippers on the giant yak to shear it. Three Yak Fleece will then fall around the area, which you must pick up and hand in for one point out of the four required.


Toy Hunter

In Toy Hunter, there are random present boxes spread around the area which you need to pick up and open. Once open, you will either gain a lucky toy or a five-second debuff turning you into a piggy and making you unable to interact with other presents. If you gain a lucky toy, the other present boxes will vanish until you hand the item into the perky piggy NPC, giving you one point out of the four required for this fete.


Presents of Mind

Presents of Mind gives you three different colored present boxes which you must gift to NPCs located further up the path. Presents for merchants are the yellow box in the middle, presents for children are the pink boxes on the left, and presents for artisans are the orange box on the right. The NPCs are sorted into those categories as such:

  • Merchants - Foreign Merchant & Ishgardian Merchant
  • Children - Firmament Boy & Firmament Girl
  • Artisans - Skysteel Engineer & House Dzemael Stonemason

Rewards From Fetes in the Ishgard Restoration


Mounts and Bardings














Music Rolls


Miscellaneous Rewards

  • Various general-purpose dyes that are metallic, pastel, dark coloured etc.
  • Fête Token Icon Fête Token

These Fête Token Icon Fête Token also offer you a variety of items including:

For more information on the Ishgardian Restoration and its various rewards, be sure to check out our dedicated guide hub linked below.



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