Guide to Gathering in The Diadem at the Ishgard Restoration

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This guide explains the mechanics of the Diadem, a piece of leveling and endgame content for gathering classes through the Ishgardian Restoration. Gathering players fly around floating islands, looking for nodes to gather from, to make gil and provide materials to crafters.


Introduction to The Diadem

The main purpose of gathering inside the Diadem is to gain materials to either sell for profit or use on your crafting classes. It is also a good way to level both gathering and crafting while being able to save a lot of gil. You can enter the Diadem by speaking to Aurvael at (11,14) inside the Firmament.

Aurvael In the Firmament.

Once you enter the Diadem, you will circle around looking for nodes to then gather items from, with the aim of approving these items to obtain scrips and to be able to craft/sell the items. You can not use the items you gather from the Diadem until they have been approved by speaking to Flotpassant, who is right beside Aurvael.

While at first the items inside the nodes might appear random, they are in fact not. These nodes spawn in chains of nodes, only the first item in the chain is visible to the player until you clear that node and move on to the next in the chain. There are also bonuses at the end of each chain, so take advantage of those, especially the +5 attempts at the end of each chain.

Because the nodes spawn in chains, you are unable to farm for a specific item. You can however keep repeating the chain with the right bonus for the item you want. You can use the Aetheromatic Auger, which is the equivalent to a personal limit break, in Diadem. You can use this augur on the mob that drops the items you want.

There are also special weather types available in Diadem that last for 10 minutes every 20 minutes, giving you access to rare materials. These function like legendary nodes, meaning they appear on your minimap and are also a 1-time use until the next weather change.

This is a map created by a user on Reddit who made several detailed maps for each phase of the restoration.

For Fishing, there is also this huge fishing spreadsheet, made by Fisherman's Horizon.

Note that with the changes in Endwalker these might not currently be 100% accurate where values are referenced.


Leveling Gathering Inside the Diadem

Leveling inside the Diadem is a relatively easy but grindy task, often offering more experience than regular open world leveling, while also needing less gear, making it a relaxing method to level. As mentioned previously, you are unable to farm specific items outside of using the Aetheromatic Augur, meaning you just want to grab the relevant item to your level.

This means for leveling, you simply want to repeatedly cycle around the islands following the maps above and gathering from nodes to gain experience points.

For gearing, you only need to worry about gear at level 60 and level 80. Our gearing page provides advice on this.


Farming Skyward Score For Achievements

At level 80 in the Diadem, alongside gathering materials to use, you also gain points, known as your Skyward Score, which are used in several achievements offering rewards such as titles, minions, and a mount at 500,000 Skyward Score on all classes.

Mining and Botany is going to take a long time to hit 500,000 score on each class, so you want to make sure to optimize it as much as possible by hitting the stat breakpoints on the nodes.

As for the farming itself, you want to constantly be on the move and, at times, swapping between chains where nodes group close together to hit more nodes faster. The most important thing though is to ignore the weather nodes because they are often out of the way to go for and barely offer extra points, making it not worth it. If you wanted to be super optimal, you would also discard materials as you go, because you will very easily run out of inventory space, even with the 999 stack cap, and end up being unable to sell all of those materials. Try to save plenty for crafting achievements if you are also aiming for those.

For fishing, the best fish for points is Grade 4 Artisanal Skybuilders' Lightning Chaser Icon Grade 4 Artisanal Skybuilders' Lightning Chaser, which requires you to mooch Ghost Faerie Icon Ghost Faerie, is a '!!!' tug, and has a 16-32 second time window. During Umbral Levin, you can also go for Grade 4 Artisanal Skybuilders' Meganeura Icon Grade 4 Artisanal Skybuilders' Meganeuras.



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