How to Obtain The Megaloambystoma Mount in FFXIV

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This page provides information on how to obtain the Megaloambystoma mount. The Megaloambystoma is one of the creations deemed as a failure and locked away in Pandaemonium. This mount was released in Patch 6.4 alongside Pandaemonium Anabaseios (Savage).


How to Get The Megaloambystoma (Axolotl) Mount

Released in Patch 6.4, this mount is one of the rewards for the completion of Pandaemonium Anabaseios: The Twelfth Circle (Savage). This adorable mount was deemed a failure and unjustly locked away in Pandaemonium.

Megaloambystoma Mount

Pandaemonium Anabaseios

To unlock the savage difficulty, you must first clear the normal difficulty starting with the quest, Eater of Souls from Ruissenaud at Labyrinthos (x8, y27). This is content meant to played with others through the duty finder. For a walkthough of mechanics, please refer to our guide on Pandaemonium: Anabaseios.


Anabaseios: The Twelvth Circle (Savage)

After completing the quest, Guided by the Past, speak with Nemjiji at Labyrinthos (x8, y24) to unlock the Savage difficulty. You will need to complete Circles Nine through Eleven to gain access to the final, Twelfth Circle.

Upon clearing the fight, three chests will appear. Two containing equipment, and one containing the Megaloambystoma Horn Icon Megaloambystoma Horn, as well as the minion from normal mode, and an orchestrian roll. For a guide on this two part encounter, please refer to our guides on Anabaseios: The Twelfth Circle (Savage).



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