Ninja DPS Frequently Asked Questions — Dawntrail 7.0

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On this page, we go over some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Ninja and playing it in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail (Patch 7.0). As more questions are discovered, we will add answers to them on this page.


Ninja FAQ

This page will cover common questions regarding the job based on obscure gameplay interactions and other miscellaneous questions.


Why does the BiS not follow the exact stat priority?

The reason why our BiS does not follow the stat priority exactly is that all stats work on a stat tier system, where if you do not get to a certain breakpoint, the gain of a stat is useless. Like if the stat tier for Critical Hit is 2400 and then the next stat tier is 2406, if we only get to 2405, then those last 5 points were essentially entirely wasted. Simulations show us that wasting points is a big deal, so we work to waste the least amount of points possible, on top of showing us that having a more even stat distribution is often times better for overall damage.


Does Kassatsu's Damage increase apply to Hyosho Ranryu and Goka Mekkyaku?

Yes, Kassatsu's damage increase applies to Hyosho Ranryu and Goka Mekkyaku.


Should I use Kassatsu on Doton?

After level 76 when you gain access to Goka Mekkyaku Icon Goka Mekkyaku, you should use Kassatsu on Goka Mekkyaku instead of Doton.


Since Bunshin is a 90 second cooldown, should I use it on cooldown or should I save it for Trick Attack?

Bunshin should be used on cooldown. Gaining more uses of the ability is way more potency than putting it into buffs. You should save Phantom Kamaitachi Icon Phantom Kamaitachi for buffs though.


Should I use any of my Ninjutsus outside of Trick Attack?

The only Ninjutsu you should use outside of Trick Attack is one Suiton Icon Suiton in order to set up Trick Attack. The other uses should be used for Ninjutsus inside Trick Attack.


Why does Doton do damage seven Times?

This happens because ground effects have an instant tick to make sure that defensive buffs from other jobs were responsive. This applies this to all ground effects, not just the defensive ones, so Doton does an extra tick as you place it. This means we now get one tick instantly, and then the next six ticks of damage happens every 3 seconds for the 18 second duration.


Should I use Phantom Kamaitachi on cooldown or should I save it for Trick Attack?

Most of the time you should save it for Trick Attack Icon Trick Attack. On the two minute Trick Attack windows, you should not try to save it for Trick Attack because it will not fit in the window, but you want to save it for the odd minute Trick windows.



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