Paladin Tank Gear and Best in Slot — Endwalker 6.2

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best-in-slot items for your Paladin Tank in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Patch 6.2).


Paladin Gear and Best-in-Slot

This page lists best-in-slot gear options for Paladin. These are up to date as of patch 6.2.


How to Pick a Gearset

Listed speeds assume food is active. Speeds are primarily chosen for personal preference, due to differences in latency and execution, although certain speeds may be marginally better for certain encounters in optimization (yet to be determined).

For more detail on how substats work, see the melding and stat priority page:


Paladin Patch 6.2 Best-in-Slot Gearsets

All gearsets include food.


Slow Gearsets

These gearsets are to be used with the Slow GCD Rotation (see the Paladin Rotation Guide).


Fast Gearsets

These gearsets are to be used with the Fast GCD Rotation (see the Paladin Rotation Guide).

The 2.42 set should only be used for high-ping players (>120ms) who do not wish to learn the new 6.2 Slow GCD Rotation.


Gearsets for Old Ultimate Raids

With the stat squish in 6.0, synced gearsets for old Ultimates have not yet been re-made. Sufficiently high item level gear pieces will cap both substats when item-level synced. The required item levels for capping substats after sync are 470 for UCoB, 500 for UWU, and 600 for TEA.

Going into old ultimates with fully synced gear is good enough to clear any of the ultimates, and will not be too far off of true best-in-slot. Use the Tank Gear Calculator sync tabs to evaluate different gearsets.

The item-level 515 and 535 relics from Shadowbringers have individually assignable substats, meaning they can be allocated to lose no substats after syncing down. The substat caps for the Paladin sword are 91 for UCoB, 97 for UWU, and 131 for TEA, while the caps for the Paladin shield are 36 for UCoB, 39 for UWU, and 53 for TEA. For using these relic weapons in synced content, assign substats up to the relevant sync cap in the order of crit > determination > tenacity > skill speed. some amount of skill speed can be prioritized over tenacity if you know what skill speed tier you are aiming for after sync.


Further Gearing Questions

Any gearing questions you may have will probably be answered by the Tank Gear Calculator.



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