Paladin Tank Frequently Asked Questions — Endwalker 6.1

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On this page, we go over some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Paladin and playing it in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Patch 6.1). As more questions are discovered, we will add answers to them on this page.


Paladin Frequently Asked Questions

This page aims to answer the most common questions about Paladin and its rotation.


Should I use the Fast GCD Rotation or the Slow GCD Rotation?

You should ideally use the rotation that matches your GCD speed. 2.46 and slower should use the slow rotation, while 2.45 and faster should use the fast rotation. The slow rotation is slightly stronger, but requires different muscle memory from the fast rotation, which has been largely unchanged since the beginning of the expansion.


Why am I supposed to drop an Atonement from the rotation loop? (Fast GCD Rotation)

Paladin's natural rotation is around 64 seconds long, spending all Sword Oath stacks and all Requiescat stacks. Fight or Flight Icon Fight or Flight and Requiescat Icon Requiescat are both 60-second cooldowns, meaning that with the natural rotation, they will drift by around four seconds on every use.

This can often cause lost Fight or Flight GCDs or Requiescat spells, in addition to requiring a delay on other oGCDs (Circle of Scorn Icon Circle of Scorn, Expiacion Icon Expiacion, etc.) to keep them inside the Fight or Flight buff window, resulting in a loss on average.

Dropping a GCD every cycle prevents significant drift in Fight or Flight and Requiescat and allows hitting other oGCDs on cooldown without loss. The unbuffed Atonement in the filler portion of the loop is the weakest single GCD that can be removed.

Keeping the third unbuffed Atonement can be situationally a gain depending on fight timings and kill-times if it can replace a weak GCD at the end of the fight, but dropping it remains the stronger default.


Why am I missing the second Goring Blade in Fight or Flight? (Fast GCD Rotation)

Ensure that you are properly weaving Fight or Flight Icon Fight or Flight around two-thirds of the way through the global cooldown between Fast Blade Icon Fast Blade and Riot Blade Icon Riot Blade. The exact timing can depend on your latency and skill speed. For slower speeds, a later weave is required.

Double check that you are actually missing it. If you think you are correctly late weaving Fight or Flight and are not clipping your GCD during the buff duration, then most likely, you did get it. The damage calculation snapshot occurs when the ability goes on cooldown, so relying on the animation, floating damage text, DoT debuff applying, or even the in-game battle log is not an accurate way to tell if you really got it in the buff window since all of those happen significantly after the snapshot.

As long as the Fight or Flight buff icon is on your buff bar when your GCD goes on cooldown, then Goring Blade got buffed. You can also try to compare the damage number after correcting for critical or direct hits since the 25% buff from Fight or Flight is much higher than the natural 5% damage variance. Alternatively, upload a log to FFLogs and go to the Events view. If the "prepares Goring Blade" line shows as being buffed by Fight or Flight, then it was buffed.


Why is Requiescat used so early in the opener?

The Requiescat Icon Requiescat oGCD itself does damage, so using it when party buffs like Trick Attack Icon Trick Attack or Divination Icon Divination are up is a free increase to the party's DPS. The 30-second duration means that we can use it early to hit party buffs without impacting our GCD loop.


Why do we not save a charge of Atonement to fit four Atonements in Fight or Flight?

Atonement Icon Atonement is 420 potency, while the Riot Blade Icon Riot Blade it would replace is 300 potency. Exchanging one for the other in Fight or Flight is only a 30 potency gain. Doing this shift results in changes to where DoTs are applied, which counteracts this 30 potency gain. With the 64 second loop, doing a 4-Atonement Fight or Flight window is virtually neutral compared to a standard window, while doing it in the 61-second loop leads to a significant loss in overall DoT uptime, resulting in an overall loss.


What skill speed do I need on Paladin?

With Patch 6.2, Paladin can now effectively use any skill speed. Slower GCD speeds (2.46 and slower) will use a different rotation than faster GCD speeds (2.45 and faster). See Paladin Gearing and Stat Priority for a more in-depth explanation on skill speed, and see Paladin Rotation Guide for more information on the different rotations.


Why do we not open with our magic phase to get Holy Spirit and Confiteor in party buffs?

Since the DoT from Blade of Valor Icon Blade of Valor does not stack with the one from Goring Blade Icon Goring Blade, an opener that uses Requiescat Icon Requiescat first must delay Fight or Flight Icon Fight or Flight significantly in order to keep a strong window with two Goring Blades. Since Paladin's self buffs are so strong, maximizing both Fight or Flight and Requiescat usages far outweigh party buffs. In addition, a Requiescat opener places unbuffed oGCDs within the tincture and party buff windows, resulting in a further loss.


I lost uptime or made a mistake. How can I recover the rotation?

The rigid nature of the Paladin rotation can make it difficult to intuit how to efficiently recover from a mistake or loss in uptime. As long as Requiescat and Fight or Flight do not drift apart from each other, the rotation can be easily recovered by the next Requiescat window.

For small losses, dropping an Atonement or two can prevent delays in Fight or Flight and Requiescat. Where possible, replace these dropped Atonements with a hard-cast Holy Spirit if not mid-combo or a Shield Lob otherwise. If replacing an Atonement with a buffed Holy Spirit, keep in mind that the next Requiescat window will contain one fewer Holy Spirit and optionally spend the remaining Atonements after Fight or Flight to keep alignment.

For multiple GCD losses, dropping entire combos can become necessary. For 3-GCD losses, for example, a Goring Blade combo is the weakest set of three GCDs that can be dropped. Dropping multiple Atonements can work as well, but it is less efficient.



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