Paladin Tank Frequently Asked Questions — Endwalker 6.5

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On this page, we go over some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Paladin and playing it in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Patch 6.5). As more questions are discovered, we will add answers to them on this page.


Paladin Frequently Asked Questions

This page aims to answer the most common questions about Paladin and its rotation.


What skill speed should I use on Paladin?

The best GCD to run is typically 2.50, or in other words, base skill speed. It is usually not worth dropping item-level to cut skill speed, and the rotation still functions at faster speeds, but 2.50 is ideal.


Why no Holy Spirit during Requiescat?

Confiteor Icon Confiteor and the Blade of Valor Icon Blade of Valor combo each consume and are buffed by stacks from Requiescat Icon Requiescat, and do peanuts damage without the buff. Requiescat-buffed Holy Spirit Icon Holy Spirit is only for before level 90.


Do I still need to late weave Fight or Flight?

No, since Fight or Flight Icon Fight or Flight is shorter and there are now more spells to fit into the buff window, it is now more difficult to fit an extra GCD into the buff timer. At the recommended base skill speed (2.50 GCD), it is impossible to fit 9 GCDs in Fight or Flight anyways. At faster speeds, it is free damage if you can consistently do it, but will usually be worse than playing a slower skill speed (without dropping item-level), and not required at all.


Do I need to go into Fight or Flight with a specific setup?

No. Generally speaking, use Fight or Flight when it comes off cooldown, regardless of where you are in your filler combo. Forcing a specific Fight or Flight window every time requires either drifting it, dropping Atonements, or hardcasting Holy Spirits, all of which are significant losses.

Since Holy Spirit Icon Holy Spirit and Atonement Icon Atonement do not break combo, it is sometimes possible to hold these GCDs into your FoF window. Do this by beginning a new Royal Authority combo before spending your Divine Might proc or Sword Oath stacks, but be sure to spend any remaining Divine Might / Sword Oath before pressing Royal Authority itself, to avoid overwriting.



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