Guide to the Recruit a Friend (RAF) System in FFXIV

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This page goes over the step-by-step method for completing the Recruit a Friend program in FFXIV, as well as some of the rules and limitations to be aware of when trying to complete it.


Recruit a Friend System in FFXIV

The Recruit a Friend campaign allows players to invite their friends to join the world of Eorzea and receive in-game rewards as their friends play the game, with more rewards available depending on the number of friends you recruit, as well as the amount of game time they add to their account.

Players that join using a recruitment code will also receive in-game rewards as they continue to subscribe to and play FFXIV.


Recruit a Friend Rewards in FFXIV

For a full breakdown of the rewards and the stage at which you receive them, as well as what certain rewards can be used for, you can head to our dedicated rewards page, which is linked below.


How to Recruit a Friend in FFXIV

The Recruit a Friend system is fairly simple for FFXIV, relying on the use of a recruitment code that the recruiter can give to their friends.


Recruitment Codes

In order to find your code to give to others, you will need to log into MogStation, head to Your Account, and find the banner for Recruit a Friend.

If you click on this banner, you will be taken to a page where you can find your recruitment code to give to your friend, but note that there are restrictions on how often you can invite friends:

  1. Each code you generate can only be used to invite one friend.
  2. You can only generate a new code once every 3 hours.
  3. The codes that you generate are only valid for 120 days, at which point they expire and can no longer be used.

Once you have the code for your friend, give it to them to enter when making their account on the MogStation.


Entering Recruitment Codes

Once a recruitment code has been given to the player, they will need to head to the MogStation and enter the code there.

This can be found under the Your Account section; once selected, find the Registration Codes section of the options table, where you will be able to Enter Recruitment Code.

Note that you can only use a recruitment code if you have already registered a retail version of the game to the account and have not yet paid for a subscription.

You will still be able to enter the code if you have added a subscription method, but you are still in your Free Trial period and the subscription has not yet officially begun.


Adding a Subscription

Once the recruitment code has been added, the new player can then add game time to their account as they wish, which will in turn grant rewards for both the recruiter and recruit.


Step-by-Step Recruit a Friend Guide

In the interest of simplicity, we have put an ordered list below for players to follow for the simplest method of completing the Recruit a Friend process.

  1. Recruiter generates recruitment code from MogStation.
  2. Recruiter sends recruitment code to recruit.
  3. Recruit registers an account.
  4. Recruit goes to the MogStation and enters the recruitment code.
  5. Recruit adds game time as they wish.
  6. Both players collect their rewards in-game at a Delivery Moogle.

Recruit a Friend Limitations and Warnings

Recruit a Friend programs are always fairly rigid in the rules they feature in order to prevent abuse, and FFXIV is no exception. There are a few rules and limitations that you should be aware of, both in regards to the process and rewards.

  1. Make sure the recruit does not have a subscription active or has not subscribed in the past, otherwise you cannot recruit them.
  2. Recruits joining the game via RAF will not be put on your Friends list automatically.
  3. Rewards will be sent to your Delivery Moogle in-game.
  4. If you pre-pay for your gametime with a code, both the recruiter and recruit will be able to claim the corresponding reward immediately after redeeming the code.


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