Vanaspati Full Dungeon Guide

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Welcome to our guide to Vanaspati, the third dungeon of Endwalker. This guide aims to prepare players for the dungeon so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.



The skies over Thavnair are aflame, and panic spreads through the populace like wildfire. One by one, civilians are twisted into grotesque fiends, hells-bent on slaughtering everything in sight. The deadliest of these creatures leads its newly spawned kin through the jungle, towards a number of smaller settlements, and as such, Ahewann has dispatched his Radiant Host to forestall the carnage. Though Vrtra, too, lends his strength to the cause, even that may prove insufficient, and thus do the Scions enter the fray.


Unlock Vanaspati

Vanaspati can be unlocked at level 85 during the main scenario quest "Skies Aflame." It is the third dungeon players will encounter in Endwalker. Players above level 86 will be level synced to level 86 when entering, and there is a minimum item level restriction of 510 to enter.


Dungeon Guide


First Boss Trash Mobs

None of the trash mobs are threatening besides having heavier auto-attack damage compared to previous dungeons.


Terminus Snatcher

  • Note of Despair deals raidwide damage.
  • Mouth Off will spawn mouthes across the arena. If the mouth is open, it will do a large circular AoE soon afterwards.
  • Last Gasp is a tank buster.
  • Mouth Off will be accompanied by either What is Left or What is Right. These are half-room cleaves hitting the left and right respectively. Dodge to a safe spot for both mechanics.
  • Lost Hope will inflict all players with Temporary Misdirection. This will put a spinning cursor above your head, and the direction you walk in is the direction the cursor is facing. You can rapidly tap a movement input to quickly ascertain a direction.
  • There will be another half-room cleave accompanied by AoEs over party members. Spread to avoid clipping each other.

Second Boss Trash Mobs

  • Terminus Horror
    • Bellows is a large frontal cleave.
  • Terminus Sprinter
    • Hollow Spike is a line AoE.

None of the other trash mobs are threatening besides having heavier auto-attack damage compared to previous dungeons.


Terminus Wrecker

  • There will be a ring of fire around the arena.
  • Meaningless Destruction deals raidwide damage.
  • Unholy Water creates water bubbles around the arena. Stepping in one temporarily stuns the player.
  • Aether Spray is either a knockback from the center of the arena or a room-wide AoE.
    • If it is a knockback, do not get knocked back into a water bubble or outside of the arena.
    • If it is a room-wide AoE, enter a water bubble to avoid heavy damage and an uncleansable burn DoT.
  • Total Wreck is a tank buster.
  • Poison Heart is a stack marker.

Final Boss Trash Mobs

None of the trash mobs are threatening besides heavier auto-attack damage compared to previous dungeons.



  • Flames of Decay deals raidwide damage.
  • Aetherial Disruption will mark rows of the arena with blue triangles or red circles.
  • The colour indicated on your screen during the mechanic will show what rows will erupt, dealing damage.
  • Crumbling Sky either puts AoE markers on all players or is a knockback from the center of the arena.
    • If it is a spread, spread while standing on the safe row.
    • If it is a knockback, get knocked back to the safe row.
  • Gnashing of Teeth is a tank buster.
  • The boss will cast Crumbling Sky and become untargetable. Look to the true north of the arena to find the boss.
  • Svarbhanu will line up meteors. Stand on the column that does not have a meteor. This is accompanied by AoEs, so dodge carefully.


The item level 536 Palaka set is dropped from this dungeon. It has a level requirement of 85.



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