Eureka Orthos Floors 71-80 Guide

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This page provides information about floors 71 through 80 of Eureka Orthos including enemy information and boss advice.


Eureka Orthos Guide for Floors 71-80

On floors 71-80, the Accursed Horde will take the form of a Gold-tinged Sack Icon Gold-tinged Sack, and Mimics can spawn from Gold Coffers. This means that Stun can no longer be used to prevent Pox. You can expect 4-10 kills to be required to proceed between floors, 4-6 Treasure Coffers per floor, 5-8 rooms per floor and 2-3 enemies per room outside of Treasure Rooms, which will have significantly more Coffers and enemies.


Floors 71-79

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On the fifth floorset of the challenge floors, caution continues to be of importance. With many large AoEs having fast castbars and late or no telegraphs, awareness of enemy movements is key. This is also the last floorset that Pomanders of Raising can drop on, so start to ration both these and other pomanders as necessary. Finally, on attempted solo runs, do not attempt to locate or gather the Accursed Horde, as these are often placed near traps and a single misstep can easily end a run.

Enemy Aggro Abilities Floors Notes
Orthos Toco Toco Sight Slowcall: Late-telegraph cone-shaped AoE. Inflicts Slow for 1m. Cannot be Esuna'd. 71-72 Immune to Bind.
Orthos Primelephas Sight
  • Rout: Instant gap-closer.
  • Rear: Late-telegraph point-blank AoE. Used immediately after Rout.
  • Important note: Moving too early to dodge Rear will result in the enemy following you for a short duration during the Rout animation. Be careful not to trap yourself in a corner.
71-73 Immune to Bind.
Orthos Coeurl Sight
  • Wide Blaster: Telegraphed cone-shaped AoE.
  • Tail Swing: Late-telegraph cone-shaped AoE. Used after Wide Blaster if anyone is behind it.
71-74 Patrol. No Immunities.
Orthos Unicorn Sight
  • Gallop: Instant damaging gap-closer.
  • Alicorn: Instant. Inflicts knockback on player hit.
  • Innocence: Telegraphed circle AoE.
  • Important note: Gallop will be used three times in a row, and will be followed up with Alicorn after each use. Make sure your back is to a wall in order to avoid getting knocked into a room or trap.
71-74 No Immunities.
Orthokunoichi Proximity
  • Shukuchi: Instant gap-closer.
  • Assassinate: Used on players with less than 20% max HP. Instant death.
71-79 Patrol. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Orthos Gulo Gulo Sight The Killing Paw: Telegraphed cone-shaped AoE. Immediately followed up with Savage Swipe, an untelegraphed cone-shaped AoE. Stay behind the enemy until this second attack resolves. 72-75 No Immunities.
Orthos Thunderbeast Sight
  • Scythe Tail: Untelegraphed point-blank AoE. No castbar, move away when it crouches.
  • Spark: Untelegraphed donut-shaped AoE. Only used if at least one player is distant from it.
  • Important note: As Scythe Tail has no castbar and a subtle animation tell, a good way to watch for this is to constantly rotate around this enemy until it stops moving, at which point immediately get away to avoid the AoE.
73-76 Patrol. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Orthos Wolf Sight
  • Neck Rip: Instant. Inflicts Bleed for 30s.
  • Howl: Grants 40% Damage Up to self for 1m.
74-76 No Immunities.
Orthos Kargas Sight
  • Freefall: Telegraphed circle AoE.
  • Winds of Winter: Lethal raidwide. Must be Stunned or LoS'd.
55-77 Immune to Bind.
Bird of Orthos Sight
  • Eye of the Fierce: Omnidirectional Gaze AoE. Inflicts Confusion for 30s if hit.
  • Revelation: Untelegraphed circle AoE. Targets Confused players.
75-78 Immune to Bind.
Orthos Sasquatch Sight
  • Ripe Banana: Grants 100% Damage Up to self for 15s. Only used outside of combat.
  • Chest Thump: Late-telegraph lethal raidwide. Only used outside of combat, and used immediatley after Ripe Banana. Must be LoS'd.
  • Streak: Instant damaging gap-closer. Inflicts knockback on player hit.
  • Stool Pelt: Telegraphed circle AoE.
  • Important note: The Ripe Banana into Chest Thump combo is notoriously dangerous. Be extremely aware of the location and position of any Sasquatches you see, and make sure to keep Line of Sight broken when engaging other enemies around them.
76-79 Immune to Bind.
Orthos Flamebeast Sight Blistering Roar: Late-telegraph square-shaped AoE. Cannot be LoS'd, be behind to dodge this. 77-79 Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Orthos Skatene Sound
  • Chirp: Untelegraphed point-blank AoE. Inflicts Sleep for 15s, can be LoS'd.
  • Tornado: Telegraphed circle AoE.
77-79 No Immunities.
Mimics Proximity
  • Infatuation: Inflicts Pox for 10 minutes. Must be interrupted.
  • Deathtrap: Telegraphed point-blank AoE.
71-79 Gold Coffers. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep, Slow and Stun.

Floor 80 Boss - Proto-Kaliya

Video coming soon!

The eighth boss of Eureka Orthos, and the fifth of the challenge floorsets. Using a Pomander of Steel as a non-tank is highly recommended while learning the fight, as it can allow you to survive an otherwise lethal mistake on some mechanics.

Boss Rotation Quick-Guide:
  1. Resonance
  2. Barofield
  3. Nanospore Jet
  4. Nerve Gas
  5. Nerve Gas (With Auto-Cannons)
  6. Nerve Gas (With Auto-Cannons)
  7. Magnet Tether appears here
  8. Nerve Gas (With Auto-Cannons)
  9. Magnet Tether resolves here
  10. Nerve Gas Ring (With Auto-Cannons)
  11. Repeat from start, skipping Barofield

The arena is a circle, with an outer ring that inflicts a 15s DoT if entered. The first mechanic of the fight is Resonance, a weak cleaving tankbuster marked with an orange square. The boss will then move to the centre of the arena and cast Barofield, spawning a lingering AoE inside its hitbox. Entering this AoE will instantly kill any player, so avoid it at all costs.

The boss will cast Nanospore Jet, debuffing players with either Positive Charge or Negative Charge and spawning four allagan nodes at the cardinals of the arena. Each one is marked at random with either a positive or negative charge, denoted by a particle effect. This will be relevant for a later mechanic.

The boss will then cast one of three iterations of Nerve Gas, one after the other for a total of four times.

  • Centralised Nerve Gas is a cone-shaped AoE that hits in a roughly 120 degree arc in front of the boss.
  • Leftward Nerve Gas is a 180 degree cleave, covering the entire left side of the arena except for directly in front of the boss. This means that it also covers a small amount of the right side of the arena behind the boss.
  • Rightward Nerve Gas is a 180 degree cleave, covering the entire right side of the arena except for directly in front of the boss. This means that it also covers a small amount of the left side of the arena behind the boss.

The safest way to resolve these is to stand in front of the boss, and only moving to a side when Centralised Nerve Gas casts.

During all casts of Nerve Gas past the first, Auto-Cannons will be casted by the allagan nodes. These are telegraphed line AoEs that always target the middle of the arena, creating a + shape. These will snapshot before the Nerve Gas, so if you find your path to safety blocked by a line, wait for it to vanish before moving fowards.

After the third Nerve Gas, tethers will appear to show players which allagan node they are linked to for the upcoming mechanic. If playing solo, you will always be tethers to the node on the northern side of the arena, which will be behind the boss when Nanospore Jet is cast. Check the icon above your head and compare it to the icon circling the node. If they are both the same (++ or --), you will be being pushed away from the node. If they are both different (+- or -+), you will be being pulled towards the node.

To resolve this, first evade the final cast of Nerve Gas. Then, if you are being pulled towards your node, stand on the far side of the boss from it, and if you are being pushed away from your node, stand on the same side of the boss as it. Then, position yourself roughly halfway between the boss and the wall, off to the side so as to ensure you do not get pushed or pulled through the Barofield AoE inside the hitbox of the boss. You will be stunned just before the forced movement, and after it wears off you will have a moment to adjust your position in order to avoid both Auto-Cannons and the Nerve Gas Ring, a donut-shaped AoE with a small safe zone around the hithox of the boss. Position yourself adjacent to the hitbox on an intercardinal in order to dodge both mechanics.

After this point, the boss will begin to loop mechanics from the start of the fight, though the cast of Barofield will be skipped on all cycles past the initial rotation.

On a DPS, you can expect a killtime of about 11 minutes, or faster with the aid of a Pomander of Strength or Demiclone Generator. On a tank or healer, you can expect a killtime of about 16 minutes under the same conditions. At this point, you should consider starting to use a Strength or a Demiclone for bosses if you haven't been doing so already, as not doing so can lead to timing out on the floorset.



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