The Tower of Babil Full Dungeon Guide

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Welcome to our guide to the Tower of Babil, the second dungeon of Endwalker. This guide aims to prepare players for the dungeon so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.



From the ruins of the Garlean imperial palace rises the Tower of Babil, a monstrous edifice constructed by Fandaniel and Zenos's enthralled hordes. While its exact purpose has yet to be ascertained, it is here that the would-be orchestrators of the Final Days await the Warrior of Light, who now spearheads a daring mission to infiltrate the tower and vanquish the Telophoroi once and for all.


Unlocking The Tower of Babil

The Tower of Babil can be unlocked at level 83 during the main scenario quest "Gateway of the Gods." It is the second dungeon players will encounter in Endwalker and is located in Garlemald. Players above level 84 will be level synced to level 84 when entering, and there is a minimum item level restriction of 505 to enter.


Full Dungeon Guide for The Tower of Babil


First Boss Trash Mobs

None of these trash mobs are particularly threatening.



  • As the fight begins, the outside zone will be covered in a field of static, applying a DoT to players standing in it.
  • Ground and Pound is a line AoE targeted towards a random party member.
  • When Barnabas starts casting Dynamic Pound, all players as well as the line AoE will receive a positive or negative charge.
  • When Dynamic Pound goes off, players will get pushed or pulled away from the line based on their charge. If you have the same charge as the AoE, be close to it as the cast finishes. If you have the opposite charge, be as far away as possible from the AoE.
  • When Barnabas starts casting Dynamic Scrapline, all players as well as the boss will receive a positive or negative charge. In addition, there is a point-blank AoE around the boss.
  • When Dynamic Scrapline goes off, players will once again get pushed or pulled away based on the charge they have relative to the boss. Afterwards, there will be another untelegraphed point-blank AoE with the same radius as the first.
  • Shocking Force is a stack marker.
  • Thundercall and Rolling Scrapline are simple circular AoEs.

Second Boss Trash Mobs

  • Interact with the Control Terminal to get started. Mobs will drop from the ceiling in waves.
  • Babil Avenger
    • Shoulder Cannon is a large AoE targeted on a random player.

None of these trash mobs are particularly threatening.



  • Thermal Suppression deals raidwide damage.
  • Magitek Missile are AoEs targeted on two party members - dodge.
  • Magitek Ray is a line AoE targeted on a party member - dodge.
  • Magitek Explosive will summon bombs that shoot a plus-shaped line AoE.
  • The boss will spawn two panels on the arena. Standing on the green panel will turn the player into a Toad, while standing on the purple panel will turn players Mini. Stepping on the panel again will reverse this effect.
  • Downpour will continually inflict players with stacks of Breathless. Becoming a Toad gets rid of this effect before reaching five stacks.
  • Magitek Chakram will summon Chakrams at the edge of the arena. Dodge the line AoEs by becoming Mini.

Final Boss Trash Mobs

The platforms will continuously have a circular AoE in the center. Stick to the sides of the platforms and fight mobs on ramps to avoid these. Apart from certain mobs having high auto damage, none of these trash mobs are particularly threatening.



  • Lunar Nail will summon nails. When they connect, they will do a square AoE inside them.
  • Mega Graviton deals raidwide damage and summons four orbs.
  • Pater Patriae is a line AoE that targets a random player.
  • After this cast, each player will be tethered to one of the four Mega-graviton orbs. Players need to run far away from the orb before they are pulled into it.
  • Boundless Pain will pull players to the center and create an expanding circular AoE in the center of the arena. Run away and stand in the corners of the room to avoid this.

The boss will cast Imperatum, which stuns all players and transports them below, beginning the second phase. This phase has a separate health bar, but defeating this form will bring the players back to the original boss.

  • Obliviating Claw will summon nails at the edge of the arena. These will shoot a line AoE across the room in the order they spawned.
  • The second time this happens, players will be targeted with an AoE that will follow them.
  • After this form is defeated, it will cast Oblivion, dealing heavy raidwide damage.

After this phase, players will return to the original arena, where Anima will resuse mechanics from the first phase.



The item level 530 Imperial set is dropped from this dungeon. It has a level requirement of 83.



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