The Voidcast Dais Trial Guide

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Welcome to our guide to the Voidcast Dais, the sixth trial of Endwalker. This guide aims to prepare players for the encounter so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.



Having opened a voidgate of enormous proportions in Mare Lamentorum, you successfully cross over to the moon of the Thirteenth, beneath whose sanguine surface you find the imprisoned Azdaja. Alas, just when it seems the great wyrm's liberation is in sight, you are forced to watch as she is twisted into a being of Darkness by her captor Golbez. So it is that you sally forth into the black-clad villain's conjured stage, there to end his unholy crusade and free Azdaja from her torment.


Unlock Requirements

The Voidcast Dais can be unlocked at level 90 during the main scenario quest "Abyssal Dark." It is the trial players will encounter in the Endwalker Patch 6.4 main scenario.


Golbez Trial Guide

Players will battle against the Knight in Black, Golbez. The arena is a square arena where players can fall off if they run off or are pushed off the edge.


Phase One



  • Terrastorm: Golbez jumps to the middle and summons a sphere that slowly moves towards an intercardinal edge of the arena, marking a circle AoE underneath that covers around half the arena.
  • Crescent Blade: Golbez faces a random player and does a half-room cleave in their direction.
  • Arctic Assault: Golbez will summon icicle walls that point towards a direction, doing a line AoE towards it. This covers two quadrants of the arena.
  • Void Meteor: A large AoE tank buster on both tanks. Four comets will drop on them dealing moderate damage, and then a large meteor will drop dealing heavy damage.
  • Lingering Spark: Multiple baited AoEs on all players - dodge together.
  • Binding Cold: Moderate raidwide magic damage, with a frost DoT for 9 seconds.
  • Azdaja's Shadow: Golbez jumps to the middle of the arena and starts channeling the power of Azdaja. This is the transition into phase two.


  • The fight starts off with a Terrastorm into a Crescent Blade. Move to the opposite side of the orb, then move across once he faces a player on the safe side.
  • This is followed by Arctic Assault into Crescent Blade. Dodge the icicles then move behind the boss if needed.
  • Void Meteor is cast on both tanks. They will need to mitigate and stay away from each other and the party.
  • Golbez then casts Lingering Spark into Crescent Blade. Dodge the AoEs and move behind him if necessary. Mitigate and heal the Binding Cold afterwards.
  • Golbez will finally cast Azdaja's Shadow, signalling the transition into phase two with a cutscene.

Phase Two

Golbez unleashes the true power of darkness. Certain abilities are enhanced.



Golbez adds the following abilities to his arsenal:

  • Black Fang: Golbez's ultimate ability, dealing pulses of moderate raidwide damage into a heavy raidwide hit.
  • Azdaja's Shadow: Golbez upgrades his next Shadow Crescent.
  • Shadow Crescent: Golbez first does Crescent Blade, accompanied with marked AoEs on all players and either a point-blank AoE or stack marker right after the cleave.
  • Dragon's Descent: Golbez marks a player with a knockback marker. He will spawn two towers that must be soaked - one requires one player and the other requires three players. A player is marked with a tether, and a spawned dragon will do a line AoE in their direction.
  • Double Meteor: Golbez summons two meteors on one side of the arena, which deal proximity damage.
  • Gale Sphere: Golbez summons phantoms at the cardinal edges of the arena in sequence. These will summon gale orbs, which do a line AoE across the arena. Dodge the orbs in the sequence that the phantoms appeared.
  • Void Stardust: Two large AoEs appear at the edge of the arena, which move across the arena and curve back in on the inside. Stand away from the path and dodge into the outside path of the AoE.
  • Eventime Fall: Stack markers on both healers that inflict a magic vulnerability up debuff.


  • Golbez starts with Black Fang, so use this time to deal damage while healing and mitigating.
  • He will then cast Azdaja's Shadow, enhancing his next ability. Move behind the boss if necessary for Shadow Crescent, then dodge out to avoid the AoE. Spread or stack afterwards depending on the mechanic.
  • All players need to get knocked back into the towers by the player marked with knockback. At least three players need to be in the tower with three stakes, and at least one player needs to be in the tower with one stake.
  • Immediately afterwards, locate where the meteors are, dodge the line AoE if necessary, and move to the opposite side.
  • Golbez will cast Gale Sphere afterwards. Note the order in which the phantoms appear, and then dodge the line AoEs that emit from the gale orbs in that order.
  • To dodge Void Stardust, stand close to the first AoE but not in its path. Once the first AoE goes off, move into it.
  • Tanks need to mitigate and position correctly for Void Meteor.
  • Azdaja's Shadow is cast again. This time, he will cast Lingering Spark into Eventide Fall. Dodge the AoEs, and then split off into two stacks to share damage. Make sure not to be in more than one stack, as it does inflict a magic vuln.
  • Next he casts Gale Sphere. Dodge these like the first one, and he will cast Shadow Crescent as it ends. Move behind the boss if necessary, move out to dodge the AoE, and do the stack or spread. Heal up quickly as Binding Cold is cast after.
  • Golbez will proceed to repeat mechanics afterwards that have already been seen previously. DPS him down before he defeats your party!


  • 18 May 2023: Guide added.
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