Starlight Celebration 2021 Event Guide for FFXIV

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This page contains information on FFXIV's 2021 Starlight Celebration event. Here, you will learn about how to unlock the event and what rewards you can get.


Starlight Celebration

The Starlight Celebration is one of many annual events that occur in Final Fantasy XIV. It is scheduled around the December holiday season and is a time of celebration, unity, and hospitality for all Eorzeans.


Event Overview

This seasonal event is a simple one that can be accessed by all players as long, as they have unlocked airships. There is a questline players have to complete, which rewards them with unique event items.


Date and Timeline

The event is confirmed to run from December 16, 2021 at 12:00 a.m. (PST) to December 31, 2021 at 6:59 a.m. (PST). Note that players will be unable to complete the event questline after the seasonal event has ended.



Location of Event NPC

Players can begin the seasonal event by talking to the NPC Amh Garanjy in Old Gridania (x10.2, y9.4) and picking up the quest "A Very Yeti Starlight." Players must be Level 15 to undertake the quest and have New Gridania unlocked if their class started in another city-state.


Event Objectives

To complete the event questline, players simply have to progress through the event story. There are three quests in total: "A Very Yeti Starlight," "Time to Shine," and "Saintly Inspiration."



Starlight 2021 Rewards

In this seasonal event, there are three main cosmetic rewards.

  1. Wind-up Rudy Icon Wind-up Rudy is a minion and rewarded from the questline.
  2. Squirrel Emperor Icon Squirrel Emperor is a minion and also rewarded from the questline.
  3. Starlight Mobile Icon Starlight Mobile must be purchased from the Starlight Celebrant in Old Gridania (x11, y9) for 6000 gil. It is a housing item.


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