Sastasha Dungeon Guide

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Welcome to our guide to Sastasha, the first dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. This guide aims to prepare players so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on how to progress through the dungeon.


Sastasha Overview

After a period of relative silence following the Calamity, the Serpent Reavers have once again taken to terrorizing the inland hamlets of La Noscea - killing men, kidnapping the women and children, plundering the storehouses, and burning what little they leave behind. For years, it was not known how the pirates were able to raid areas so far from the coast, until a local shepherd sighted a band of painted ruffians entering Sastasha Seagrot, carrying large quantities of sacks and crates. Could it be that there is more to this cave than meets the eye?

Map of Sastasha

Dungeon Information:

  • Minimum level required: 15
  • Party size: 4
  • Prerequisite quest: "It's Probably Pirates"
  • Entrance: Western La Noscea (x28, y21)

Dungeon Mechanics

Starting out, the first object you will come across in Sastasha is the Bloody Memo. It can be found in the Empty Room, slightly deviating from the natural course of the dungeon. Reading the piece of paper, you will find it has a color listed at the end. These colors will either be red, blue, or green. Finding the Bloody Memo is not mandatory to complete the dungeon, but it can help you avoid a few trash mobs and speed up the dungeon overall.

Following the path, eventually you will come across three different colored coral: red, blue, and green. Select the coral that reflects the message you read earlier and a switch will appear. Push it, kill the mob that comes out, and proceed.

Passing The Rambade, you will enter into a large room, Dead Man's Drink, with several side rooms. These rooms contain treasure chests that may provide you with a gear piece. Otherwise, the back right room, The Hole, has a Shallowtail Reaver that drops the Captain's Quarter's Key. Pick it up, enter the Captain's Quarters, kill the Shallowtail Reaver waiting inside of the room, and pick up the next key, the Waverider Gate Key. This will lead you into the last part of the dungeon where you will face your first dungeon boss.


Denn the Orcatoothed

Denn himself is mostly harmless. His attacks consist of auto attacks, a very weak, non-telegraphed spear attack that he will use every so often, and a conal AoE that needs to be stepped out of. If the fight persists long enough, Denn will begin to summon mobs through the grates in the floor. You can avoid these by clicking on the bubbles on top of the grates, but since Denn has so little HP, it is suggested you just kill him and ignore the mechanic entirely.



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