Guide to Using FFLogs and Analyzing Logs in FFXIV

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This page contains information on the website "FFLogs" and provides resources for learning how to read the website and analyze your performance in the game FFXIV.


Understanding FFLogs

FFLogs is a website that displays various combat information about a given encounter in FFXIV while also serving as a ranking system for players and teams on different metrics. Many players treat FFLogs as a simple ranking website, but the website is an extremely valuable analysis tool that offers insight into aspects of the game often obfuscated by the game itself.

Learning how to read and understand logs can be an invaluable skillset during both progression and optimization scenarios, and this section will focus on breaking down various parts of what goes into a combat log and introduce some commonly useful views.


Setting up FFLogs

You need to complete a few steps before you are ready to upload anything to the site itself, which is documented at length in the FFLogs setup guide. Unfortunately, console players do not have the ability to upload their logs and instead have to rely on PC players. However, if you are doing any sort of high end content, there is a very high likelihood that someone will have uploaded a log relevant to you - try searching your character name on the website.


FFlogs Guides



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