The Epic of Alexander Ultimate: Limit Cut Guide

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This page contains detailed information and strategy about the high-end Duty "The Epic of Alexander (Ultimate)", commonly abbreviated as TEA, specifically for the portion of the fight dealing with the Limit Cut transition.


Intermission: Limit Cut and Optical Sight

The next stonewall in progression. Players must perform the Limit Cut mechanic from A11S (Cruise Chaser), while dodging Optical Sight (Shiva circles) in the transition between Living Liquid and Brute Justice + Cruise Chaser. While Living Liquid may take a few hours to defeat, consistently executing this transition will take much longer.


Limit Cut Toolbox Resource

The entire phase can be seen in this Toolbox.


Limit Cut

Players are marked with one to eight dots above their head, indicating what order Cruise Chaser will strike in. Odd numbers will be indicated by blue dots, and even numbers will be indicated by red dots. Cruise Chaser will spawn directly behind where the odd number is facing, and cleave and knockback in that direction. From there, he will then dash towards the even number. If the player is not facing Cruise Chaser, they will get knocked back extremely far. He will repeat this with every set of two numbers. All hits deal moderate damage and apply a vulnerability debuff, meaning players cannot get hit by more than one dash.


Optical Sight

Large AoE circles strike at an intercardinal or cardinal position on opposite sides of the arena. These will strike four times in total, rotating clockwise from the original locations. It will then strike in the middle, then repeat four more strikes on the outside, rotating clockwise again from where the outside strikes left off.

Simply put, players have to ensure they are not knocked into the wall, place Cruise Chaser correctly so it does not hit anyone else except the even number pair, and do this sequence four times while dodging Optical Sight. It is as hard as it sounds. There are many different strategies for this mechanic, and all of them do work. Some require more movement than others, and some are easier. It is up to your group to determine what strategy you wish to use.

For the purpose of this guide and providing the most wide spread, effective strategies, we will be covering the Haru Glory strat, which is more commonly referred to as "1256." It consists of two groups (1256 and 3478) running to opposite sides of the arena where the explosions first hit. The groups then all follow the explosions, with the numbers getting struck on the inside ring and the other players on the outside ring. After the strikes, they swap. This allows players to simply run through and follow the circles without needing to think about where they are facing.

One thing to keep in mind about this phase is that while it is usually not necessary to use knockback prevention skills here, doing so is extremely good practice for Wormhole Formation, as most strats require you to use them there, and the timing is the exact same.



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