Warrior Tank DPS Melding, Stat Priority, and Consumables — Endwalker 6.55

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On this page, you will find the best melding choices and consumables, as well as the stat priority they are based on, for Warrior in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Patch 6.55).


Stat and Melding Priorities for Warriors

This page contains the priority for Warriors when deciding which materia to meld and the reasoning behind each stat's spot in the priority.


Warrior Meld Priority

The meld priority when choosing materia for Warriors is as follows:

  1. Critical Hit
  2. Direct Hit
  3. Determination
  4. Tenacity

Skill Speed is not included in this priority — you can find an explanation of why under the specific section below.


Stat Explanations for Warrior


Critical Hit

Critical Hit not only increases the chance for you to deal critical hits with your damaging actions, but also with your self-healing, making it an extremely valuable stat for Warriors to meld for. It also increases the amount of damage and healing dealt when crits occur, meaning there is an increase to your damage not only from the critical rate percentage increase, but also your critical damage amounts.


Direct Hit

As of Patch 6.2, the Direct Hit stat now scales any attack that has an auto-Direct Hit attached to it. For Warrior, this is their entire burst window, making Direct Hit a very favourable stat to choose when melding. Direct Hit does not appear naturally on tank gear, which means if Critical Hit can't be melded due to stat caps, Direct Hit is a viable choice on every piece, depending on the stat tiers between it and Determination.


Determination and Tenacity

Determination is a linear increase to the output of both your damaging and healing actions.

It is often compared to Tenacity, given that both of them provide a linear increase and similar function, despite Tenacity giving a small increase to your damage mitigation.

These stats both function on the FFXIV breakpoint system, in which you require a certain number of points to reach the next 0.1% increase to the stat. When comparing the amount of each stat required to reach the next increase, Determination is shown as requiring less (approximately 13.5 points) than Tenacity (approximately 19 points).

This means that, with Determination requiring less stat budget for each increase, it therefore grants more damage than Tenacity does, hence why it is prioritized in the meld priority.


Skill Speed

Skill Speed has not been included in the priority above, as it is a purely personal thing. Warriors do not need it, but if you want to use certain materia slots on it to ensure that there are certain line-ups with oGCDs or due to specific fights, you can.



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