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Tanking Conumdrum in Highmaul

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Hey, what's up everyone!


So as the title states our group is in a sort of tanking conundrum right now, and I am ultimately looking for some advice as far as what's the best pairing of tanks we can roll with right now.


We currently have three tanks; 1 Blood DK, 1 Guardian Druid, and 1 Prot Paladin.


Logs for Druid/Pally combo (starting at heroic Butcher)


Logs for Druid/DK combo (starting at heroic Butcher)


It consistently looks like the Pally takes less DTPS(e) than both the DK/Druid & generally needs less HPS, I also know the Druid does absorb a lot but I have honestly no idea as to whether DTPS(e) on the logs already takes absorbs into account for its final calculation.  I also understand that blood takes more overall damage but has higher self healing generally.  According to sim's, it has Paladin's at the top of HPS + ABS, where as Druids & DKs are not far off from each other.  TMI at our ilvl essentially shows the same according to all three classes.  Do you guys usually use the HPS + APS metric for looking at what tank classes are currently most optimal?  Usually our Druid/DK does more dps also over the Pally while tanking, so thats something to account for as well on some level, and I know the DK at times helps trivalize some fights (Kargath stands etc).


Like I said, if I could just get some feedback at what would be the best pairing according to you guys, from what you see it would be much appreciated. I know logs are the end all be all, but its what I have to work with from this perspective.


Thanks again!



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