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Guest Jack

"There do not seem to be any soft enrage mechanics in the fight"


Well, if you don't count in Overheated and the Slag Eruption in Phase 3.

Or the Iron Soldiers who spawn faster the more damage Blackhand takes in Phase 2....

Or the lava that surrounds you in Phase 1.


If you take these 4 soft enrage timers away, there are no soft enrage timers in this fight ;)

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Guest Aeriale Daggerspine

The Shattering Smash mechanic is in great need of additional explanation.  From my experience, the Smash targets a tank and then the knockback that happens knocks you back based upon where you are in relation to the tank, not where you are facing or anything else.  So, for example, in phase three, if I am facing the boss, with my back towards the center of the room, but I am STANDING next to the tank that is targeted for massive shattering smash, on the tanks Left side, when the smash happens I will NOT Be knocked BACK towards the center of the room (where my back is facing) but rather I will be knocked to the LEFT (and probably into the mines / off the edge).  This is true of this mechanic all throughout the fight (in other words, for phase 2 as well when positioning yourself to go up into the stands).  I'm not sure how the tank knock back works since he is by default IN the center of the smash, my guess is that he gets knocked back the way he is facing, but I'm not a tank and I have no experience with that.

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