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Balance In Training!

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Hi guys, I had to change from tanking as a merge happened with our guild. So I specced Balance and have been training on the dummy and used LRF just a a pratice place as well. Decided to do HM HC for some better things as well. I like it boomkin, played it in LK. So enjoyed it back then, allot has happened and I need advice.


I have read allot about this, but takes time i guess as well to get used to. So any mistakes I am making, point them out. I dont care about anything, but getting good with Balance. I enjoy it allot actually, so that is a plus. But yea, critic away guys! If anyone is interested in helping ofc. :)


Heres loggs from 3 of the bosses in my first HM HC I did as balance, done it allot as a tank which could not be more different lol.


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Good on you for coming here with a log and a desire to improve, that's a great attitude to work with.


EDIT: Nevermind, i'm blind, I see you. My bad. I'll get back to you ASAP with a log review.

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Ok, writing this as I look through the log. Zooming in on your Butcher log between the pull and 3:53 (when you died).


First thing you always check for a Boomkin is # of Starsurge procs wasted. Between your 3 initial procs, the one you generate every 30 seconds (in this case 7) and your 15 Shooting Stars procs, you had the potential for 25 Starsurges, and used 24. That's pretty good, the lost one may have been from back-to-back procs or a proc right off the opener, it happens sometimes. So good job in this area, just be aware that you shouldn't waste your starsurges. The general rule is that you want to coast at 1 charge, so you have one to expend at particularily profitable moments (such as trinket procs) but won't lose a usage if Shooting Stars procs.


Your dot uptime is pretty low, roughly 90% on each of them. When using Euphoria, you want to recast Moonfire every other Lunar Peak (generally as the bar is going back towards solar, but you still have the Lunar Peak buff), and you want to recast Sunfire on every Solar Peak, using the time timing logic as Moonfire. By doing this, you will maintain 100% uptime on both dots. 


You should be using Incarnation in your 60 tier, it's the strongest option currently.


Your opener could definately use some work. Here's the essence of how you want to do it:


  • At ~4 seconds, Incarnation
  • At ~2.5 seconds, pre-pot and pre-cast a Starfire
  • Starsurge
  • Celestial Alignment as you cast Moonfire
  • Trinkets as you begin to cast Starfire
  • Another Starfire
  • Starsurge
  • Starfire x2
  • Starsurge
  • Repeat the above two steps until there is only one GCD left in Celestial Alignment
  • Use your last GCD to Moonfire


That's the basics of how you want to do your opener, giving you both dots up immediately and making the best use of your cooldown phase.


I'm sure Krazyito will be around to give you much better Boomkin advice then I could, but these are things I see that you can do to improve. Once again, good on you for reaching out and having a log ready, and good luck in your boomkin adventure!

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Nice, thank you for helping me out. I will definitely follow the advice given, if there is anything else that anyone picks up on. Then let me know, as said. I dont mind ppl telling me where I go wrong, always room to improve. :)

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Tek ma te Bratac,


I checked Tectus and Twins.



- Dot-uptime. Like Bradykin already said, keep them rolling on every time so you will reach near 100% uptime

- As soon Tectus "dies" and respawns into the shards, keep Starfall up. Use ShootingStars procs for it and Dot both targets

- At 3:01 you have used CA, correct, but you have forgotten Incarnation

- At 6:15 you have used CA again, but again not with Incarnation. Incarnation you used a minute later at 7:05. Always use them together (pop Inc -> wait a Sec (GCD), then CA / Do not macro them 2gether)

- Use pot with Inc/CA

- You attached Berserking to CA -> good (the day your basics are very well and you dont have any trouble with them, we will speak again about optimizing some stuff - just revisit IcyVerins then)



- DoT-Uptime! smile.png

- You kept Starfall up almost on every time -> good. Try to use it from the start up

- You did Inc/Ca together -> also good

- Again use pot with Inc/CA

- You died from Blaze. Watch out. use Displ. Beast as Talent to "blink" thru the wall of fire if necessary and use healpot and use talent Renewal. Renewal can save your ass.

- Your opener:

00:00:00.018    Brátac casts Celestial Alignment
00:00:00.018    Brátac casts Incarnation: Chosen of Elune

00:00:00.035    Brátac casts Berserking
00:00:00.035    Brátac casts Sudden Clarity

00:00:01.527    Brátac casts Moonfire on Phemos
00:00:02.679    Brátac casts Moonfire on Pol

=> See the error? Never use INC and CA together at one Macro/Button. Use the opener Bradykin suggested to you.

The same you did at Tectus


Go to the training dummys just outside of you garrison and train that stuff..Try a singletraget / multitarget fight for 5,6 minutes on them. Use above mentioned and you'll see, you gonna dps as hell in near future


To kill any confusion. When I write "you did Inc/CA together -> good" I dont mean you should macro them together and use them excatly at the same time (no no no), I mean that you used CA while Inc being active

Edited by Bonita

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Tek ma te Bonita!


Some nice advice again, awesome.


Makes things allot clearer for me now, ofc practice makes perfect and all that. So indeed I'll be working at it on the dummy to get it right and do some raids to perfect it during fights. So thanks to you, I really appreciate it. To bother checking other ppl's loggs and helping them out is a great thing. :)


I'll let ya know how it goes. Btw nice you picked up on the SG1 there, always loved that show! Favorite of mine, so indeed where the name comes from and all. hehe

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Btw one question.. I keep hearing from a friend.. Balance of Power from last talent tier is the best one, combined with 2 set bonus from tier gear when I one day get that.. Is this the best dps increase for some fights or most fight? Would be nice to have a clear statement on this from you guys, since you know allot about this. :)

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Tek ma te Bonita!


 Btw nice you picked up on the SG1 there, always loved that show! Favorite of mine, so indeed where the name comes from and all. hehe

Yes of course I had to pick it up :D, this has also been my favorite SciFi show on TV. I really miss SG1. Been great 10 seasons.

=> If you need any further investigations just post new logs here, me / and the others will have a look on them



Btw one question.. I keep hearing from a friend.. Balance of Power from last talent tier is the best one, combined with 2 set bonus from tier gear when I one day get that.. Is this the best dps increase for some fights or most fight? Would be nice to have a clear statement on this from you guys, since you know allot about this. smile.png

Well, honstly I dont know. There's a lot of arguing about this at mmochamp forum and other ones at the moment.

They both have good arguements. When I look into the Rankings I see Euphoria. But this doesnt mean that BoP is bad...it just means that probably none of the topranked Players have tried it :D

In my point of view, we will find this out in a couple of weeks (after patch 6.1 with starfall nerf & with more BRF IDs done) by looking again at the top ranked players :)

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Hi Again, I have been working on the Boomkin.. Been going very well, doing my best to do the opener that was mentioned. Trying to match the seconds, which is not always perfect. It is now on its way to be a routine, as things tend to become after enough pratice. smile.png


Heres my Gruul HC with my guild. I actually did really well, ofc always room for improvement. I am sure I have made some mistakes, but managed to be 95% of my bracket and that is pretty cool after such a short time.


So anything you guys could see here that needs perfecting? Anything specific I should work on? 




P.S: Miss SG1 as well hehe.

Edited by Bratac

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Hello Bratac,

really really nice job on gruul hc. 95% in your bracket...just perfect. keep on!

Dot uptime, Inc, CA, etc usage really well.

Opener good (100k dps peak, really well aswell)


Here some advanced tips, now that your good with the basics

-  use the 2nd int potion for your 2nd Inc/CA

-  try to macro Berserking and Void Shards not with CA. Why? You loose valuable Haste-bufftime because you are not casting Starfire. You cast Starsurge and Mondfire..If you wait with both (Berserking and VoidShards) until you start casting your first Starfire you will win 3 secounds of your buff. See here from your Logs:
00:00:01.802    Brátac casts Starfire on Gruul
00:00:02.227    Brátac casts Celestial Alignment
00:00:02.227    Brátac casts Berserking
00:00:02.228    Brátac casts Void Shards

00:00:03.044    Brátac begins casting Starsurge
00:00:03.044    Brátac casts Starsurge on Gruul
00:00:04.038    Brátac casts Moonfire on Gruul
00:00:05.056    Brátac begins casting Starfire
00:00:06.276    Brátac casts Starfire on Gruul
00:00:06.276    Brátac begins casting Starfire
00:00:07.492    Brátac casts Starfire on Gruul

See my opener as comparison:
00:00:00.410    Bonitá casts Celestial Alignment
00:00:01.335    Bonitá casts Moonfire on Tectus
00:00:02.712    Bonitá casts Void Shards
00:00:02.712    Bonitá casts Berserking
00:00:02.712    Bonitá begins casting Starfire

00:00:04.051    Bonitá casts Starfire on Tectus
00:00:04.051    Bonitá begins casting Starfire
00:00:05.374    Bonitá casts Starfire on Tectus

I will post the two macros I use to this Thread later this day

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here my macros


#showtooltip Celestial Alignment
/cast Celestial Alignment
/cast Moonfire


/use 14
/use Berserking
/use Draenic Intellect Potion

/cast Starfire



GL Master :)

Edited by Bonita

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