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There is a new project that we would like to start working on at Icy Veins. It has to do with sharing our simulation results.

We have this backup server that doesn't do much except take over when the main server is under maintenance, which happens for a few minutes every 2 weeks. So I'm thinking to use all the processing power on that server to running simulations all the time, and then generate nice results with graphics and stat weight variations as the gear improves.

I'm hoping to get started on this project this week and have early results to present for mages. Maybe you guys will be able to give me some feedback or new ideas to improve the thing.

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    • By Strobes
      EDIT: The characters in question are
      Me - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/fenris/Cygnius/advanced
      Friend - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/fenris/teldrali/advanced
      Hey, guys. I downloaded simcraft and ran some patchwerk simulations today to help me decide which pieces of gear I want to be wearing, since I have a number of things that seem like they could be viable for my Demonology Warlock The results don't really match what the article here states, but still show Haste on top for single target, and very close to Int for 2 and 3 targets, which seems to at least somewhat match the guide here. I figured this would be good enough for me to determine which gear choices would be the best for me to equip.
      However, I was curious and wanted to see what it said for a friend's character, who is a Fire Mage. From my understanding, Crit is always king for Fire Mages, but the results showed the opposite, which is making me question Simcraft as a whole. Am I doing something wrong? Must something more be done than to import your character, select the type of fight you want, which plots you desire, etc.?
      Here is a link to the scaling results, labeled for convenience.
    • By vampirefang
      Hello! was just wondering how to add death coil healing to my action priority list in Simulationcraft for blood tanking
      What I've tried:
      actions+=/death_coil,target=(me),if=buff.lichborne.up&health.pct<70 actions+=/death_coil_heal,if=buff.lichborne.up&health.pct<70 I'll just make it a list because I'll add to it if possible
      I've done a ton of googling for old sim results and old blood death coil healing but have been very unsuccessful in finding an answer for myself.
      The first action listed will simulate, but it wont cause healing from death coil
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • By Stoove
      This is a call for someone to contact me who's experienced with SimCraft and simulating Shaman. The aim is to produce a guide for Shaman of all classes (but in particular Elemental) which focuses on how to produce an accurate simulation of your character using SimCraft. I would also like to extend the guide to producing your own stat weights.
      There is a very clear need for a guide like this; we have repeatedly found that help topics about stat weights are not able to be answered without some kind soul simming the person for them. I would like to reverse that, and teach people who need help how to find their answers. I believe that this will eventually produce some regulars here on the Shaman forums who came here looking for answers and ended up staying to help others.
      If you have the relevant experience with simming Shaman (no writing experience required!), please PM Stoove and we can get something started.