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This thread is for comments about our Cheap Shaman Deck.

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Should I include Mana Tide Totem? I don't like it because there are a lot of three-drops in this deck. Also, what cards should I take out for Fireguard Destroyer? Thanks!

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Awesome deck! thank you for the guide I started destroying my friends with this and they have 2-4 legendaries and plenty of cash sunk into their hearthstone account. It was really satisfying to stomp them, great job. 

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I've been playing this deck with just the LoE swaps (I don't have Naxx/BRM), and even with the Troggs I find myself falling behind on the board way too often, this deck really needs a couple of 2 drops as hero power on turn 2 is just too slow.

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There is a mistake in the guide in the Card Swaps section


If you have access to the Blackrock Mountain expansion, you can consider making the following changes.

1 x Sen'jin Shieldmasta, 1 x Sen'jin Shieldmasta for 2 x Fireguard Destroyer.


There is only 1 Shieldmasta in the deck, what else are we supposed to subtitute?

Same place, but now it says Chillwind Yeti, but it's not in the deck either.

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