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combat p4 and shadow reflection

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I was wondering if now with bonus proc eviscerates from combat p4 shadow reflection is viable now for single target or is venom rush still best pick.


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Well, it STILL RNG. Sometimes you may get miraculous procs for an hour, sometimes you may get nothing. I think on overall VR still better, since you'd be able to use SR only each 2 mins and VR is active all time.

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yea i was thinkinking smth like get 5cp and  4 anticipation stacks than pop ar>sr>evi x 2>get back 5cp and hit next evi which with proc should give me like 3 ss and 4 evi in that 8 secs which imho is quite chunk of dmg and vr is still only 5% energy regen


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5% on single target. 15% on 3 or more, which where you should be using Combat.


I'll leave for Carrn to explain this, perhaps he has some better insight than I do.

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I was wondering if now with bonus proc eviscerates from combat p4 shadow reflection is viable now for single target or is venom rush still best pick.

and i know sub is better for ST i just find combat playstyle more reliable

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There's just a few problems with SR as Combat


1) You don't have any huge damage phase where you can really take advantage of the spike from your Clone. 


As Combat, most of your damage comes from repeated / smaller hits when compared to Sub. Your only real spike is based around your Insight levels and your KS. If you were to get 4 Evis casts and KS off inside SR with Deep Insight up then yes I would agree that it's probably good - but delaying any cooldown as Combat isn't a good idea, and it's near impossible to line up


2) A lot of your damage comes from white hits


the Clone doesn't auto attack. Due to this, your clone's damage doesn't benefit from your Mastery (free offhand hit) or give you energy regen (from your offhand hits). This is even more of an issue when Blade Flurry is up, since a larger percentage of your damage comes from white hits due to the reduced energy regen


3) No Blade Flurry


Combat's strength is in how well it cleaves. I could be wrong, but I don't believe that your Clone benefits from Blade Flurry at all. Regardless, the reduction in energy regen from Blade Flurry means that you'd get off drastically less skills while your Clone is up, which means it does drastically less damage



The other thing is, as Lip said, that Combat is still weaker than Sub on single target fights. 5% Haste isn't so great, I agree, but on fights where Combat is most effective, you aren't only up against 1 target

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