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Yet Another, Holy Priest Help!

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Hello fellow Priest brethren!

Quick background.  I have played Disc.  Always.  Period.  Swapped to holy for new guild.  My numbers SUCK.  I am aware it will get better as I get more comfortable with the playstyle, however, I'm attempting to determine the major holes in my playstyle before focusing on fine tuning.

Logs for last w/e's raids:

Logs  (I'm Redruum) (Sorry for Robot, thought we had a WCL running but I guess not)

Armory link:



I still need to shift some of my enchants from Mastery to MS (was wanting to make sure I was going to do this for sure before doing everything) so I know I need to fix that.


As I said above I am trying to find where the major holes are in my game so any advice would be appreciated.



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Your may want to try using Chakra:Serenity for bosses where you notice that using circle of healing on cooldown would cause a lot of overhealing. Holy Word Serenity is a great ability to use in this chakra for single target healing or to refresh a renew that is about to expire.


You are also not using your stacks of Serendipity enough as I do see a lot of Flash Heals and Binding Heals but a very low amount of Prayer of Healings and Heals. With 2 stacks of serendipity, Heal is cast as fast as Flash Heal (but of course much cheaper in mana) and Prayer of Healing becomes nearly as good as Circle of Healing and is great for fights with a lot of AoE (Kromog for example, where you did not even use this ability).


Holy Word Sanctuary has the potential to heal decently and be mana efficient if all of the heals connect, but in practice, either your group moves away from it or there are not enough damaged people in it and you end up overhealing a lot so I would recommend to either be more careful on where and when to place it or to not bother casting it.

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Good thing about BRF tier for holy I have found and actually enjoy is the extra prayers of mending. Its well worth using divine insight as a talent since it instantly bounces once proced and having the 20% chance to gain a stack of serendipity. That makes your prayers of healing and heal 40% faster and less mana with 2 stacks and doesn't overheal. Teamed with Chakra: serenity and surge of light it will relieve mama trouble and get out big heals quickly

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