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Leveling a First Time Guardian Druid

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Can anyone give me a general idea of the best way to use the limited skiils when trying to tank in dungeons between levels 15 and 60?


Or are there any bad habits to avoid etc. that are specific to Guardians?


I am leveling a my first Guardian Druid after doing a Holy Priest and a Assasination Rogue.  I found this site really helpful getting those two sorted out once they hit end game.


So far I am really enjoying the Guardian class (lvl 15 at the moment.)



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By the time you get to level 40, you have almost everything that you will use in end game tanking.


- Thrash for snap threat and AoE damage. In WoD this ability is now infinitely spammable.

- Always use Mangle on cooldown to hit one target really hard and generate a lot of Rage. This should be done even in AoE fights; it is essential for your survival.

- Use Faerie Fire and Growl to keep mobs from eating the healer. Both very good ranged peel abilities. Growl is a taunt, so it has a cooldown; in WoD Faerie Fire now has no cooldown.

- Frenzied Regeneration to heal yourself. Don't be afraid of stepping on the healer's toes.

- Savage Defense - when leveling, it will mainly be useful against large packs of melee mobs. Don't expect to use it a lot before you start facing raid bosses.

- Lacerate will not be used often at first, but it is your filler when fighting anything less than large packs. At least keep it on one mob if they will live a while since it has a chance of resetting the cooldown on Mangle.


Some of the bad habits that Guardians specifically fall into:


- Not spending Rage. Know what your spenders are, what they do and when to use them. Your three spenders are Savage Defense, Frenzied Regeneration and Maul.

- Tying into the above: over-use of Maul as a Rage spender. Yes, it does a small amount of damage, but don't get into the habit of using it on every GCD. It is inferior as a survival tool to the other Rage spenders and doesn't hurt much.

- Not landing melee attacks on AoE packs. Sounds silly, but I encounter it a lot. Guardian's 360 degree Thrash makes it easy and tempting to go on autopilot, and forget to make sure you're also landing white attacks. Melee attacks are still a substantial source of Rage which is essential for your survival. Get into the habit of right-clicking a mob that you are facing.


For talents: I use and prefer Feline Swiftness, Renewal, Incarnation, Heart of the Wild (DoC if running a lot of dungeons), and Bristling Fur. This is personal preference and not what I recommend everyone to use; I simply prefer having extra tools to manage spike damage. And as for HotW, I'm a Troll, so I use Berserking + Berserk + HotW in Cat Form for some pretty impressive burst DPS on the opener; in my humble opinion, anything that helps down the boss faster is highly desirable, and my past raid leaders tended to agree with me.

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    • By drkenrich
      I've read through several guides on leveling up and didn't find a clear list of common tips everyone should use. Regardless of the character you're playing or the types of runs you like, there are a couple of tips you should try. I've done this a couple of times and find my leveling from first spawn to Level 70 Paragon 120+ in this new Season 10 went much quicker. In fact, I often advance 2 and sometimes 3 levels on each bounty quest or rift run.
      First, before anyone complains about wrong numbers, I admit they are not specifically precise. I am trying to explain a concept here.
      1.    The Leoric's Crown legendary buff is "Increase the effect of any gem socketed intro this item by 94%". This is usually picked up early in the game. As soon as I get this I insert the highest level Ruby gem I can for the increased experience percentage. Up to level 70 a Flawless Royal Ruby gives an additional 41% experience. That’s 41% x 94% = 79.5%. If you can’t start with the highest gem, start lower and replace it as you can.  At level 70 it drops to 4.1%.Until then I keep this regardless of other options. I may not have the strongest, best helm, but I get a tremendous experience boost.
      2.    Yellow pools give a constant 25% bonus, not for a given time, but for a given number of points. In fact, the experience tracking line(thin line above the skills bar) will show you how many extra experience points you'll receive, what they will take you to until it's expired, and change the line to yellow instead of the normal blue through multiple runs. Only if you get killed before it ends does it stop working.
      3.    Massacres grant a bonus experience based on how many enemy you kill AFTER you reach 15 killed. The more you kill, the higher the bonus. At 15 killed it’s 1x or 100% bonus. At 140 it's up to about 4x or 400% (please, don't hold me to this. I've done it a couple of times and it's based on failing memory). Along with this, try to have at least one ranged weapon you can shoot from a distance. It can keep your total running.
      So, let me give you a scenario. Do your run, and run past all smaller groups regardless of the kind or level of them. A single yellow boss is bad. It takes lots of time and gives very little for the effort. When you run into minions (love the little spiders) in a greater horde, stop and kill as many as you can. I like to run just a little past and see if there are more lurking nearby. When you get a good number, stop, backtrack a little, and begin your killing spree. As you get to the last few enemies, begin using your range weapon to shoot intermittently and from a further distance as you try to move toward more enemy nearby. Rack up as many kills as you can. Only engage the enemy when it’s worth the time to do so.
      Here’s how the results work out. Look for close horde pack of 20+ with lots of surrounding enemies. Begin killing and stretch it out near the last enemy so you can move to increase the number with nearby enemies. End up with 80 kills and a base of 10,000 points (fictitious number for calculations only). Add massacre bonus of 2.75 (275%), add the yellow pool bonus of 25%, add the Leoric’s Crown bonus of 79.5%, and you end up with 379.5% minimal increase for a grand total of 37,950 + 10,000 = 47,950 experience points.
      On any basic run you should be able to find 3 or 4 of these without much difficulty. With a little personal experience you’ll begin to recognize quickly when the setting is right. So a single bounty run can easily net you an extra 200,000 which isn’t bad at lower levels. But, wait, there’s more! These are percentage increases so they increase with your level increases.

      Grinding out these runs can actually be more fun! Try it.
    • By iLoveNny
      I have a lvl 104 MM hunter currently, with 7.1.5 I have heard BM is more viable. Should I A) switch my spec now for leveling B) keep MM for leveling but dump AP into BM artifact. 
      If "A" what should my basic build look like?
      THanks for the help!
    • By Uludaq
      So after taking a look at the patch notes of my beloved Guardian Druid I guess we'll have to adjust so some significant changes.
      - Rage Generation took an overall nerve.
      - Ironfur took a double nerve. First by lower availability due to lower rage Generation and second by having its effect reduced from 100% armor to 80%.
      - Another double nerve is Gory Fur, now lowering costs by 25% instead of 50%, paired with lower overall rage generation.
      - Some talent changes that need ingame testing, like damage buff for Pulverize and the new Talent replacing displacer beast.
      In total I find this to be a nerve for this spec, that is not evened out by 4% damage increase on many base skills - espeacially when reading, that the damage increase is a lot higher for many other classes/specs (that in some cases also needed it way more, but you get what I mean, I think).
      I like the thought about more Focus on deciding whether to use ironfur or mark of ursol, since we won't be able to use it in quick succession anymore.
      So how do my fellow Guardian Druids think about These changes? Did anyone experience it on the PTR and can give some comparison to the live version pre 7.1.5?
      How noticable are the changes to our gameplay?
    • By Sektr63
      Hello there! Which artifact and spec you recomended me to choose on leveling 100-100?
    • By Lindris
      Hey Guys
      I know there is a lot of other postes about stats, but here is my question:

      In general: versa >= mastery > haste
      Vers for more heal and a reduction of dmg taken, mastery for more life and more incoming heal and haste for lower cd.
      that's clear, but why have so much progress player other stats? moste of them have a lot of crit and more then less versa.
      for exemple:ревущий-фьорд/Эрриган/simple
      Moste of them have just 15-16% mastery.

      it's a bit confusing :P
      I'm a main prot worrior and will play now my druid for m+ dungeons. which eq shall I buy and looking for? pure vers, pure mastery, a mix of bouth (1:1) or a other stat?

      thanks for helping

      Has somebody a Pawn string?