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so raiding with gladiator stance in 6.2

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So I really enjoy playing gladiator.  I am not in a super high end progression guild.  Just a normal casual raiding guild.  So I have read some things saying that gladiator is ok for normal and maybe heroic.  For HFC say 6 bosses or so is glad stance for dps gonna work ok? 




Also I've been chekcing on ask mr robot and they say that my gear is right for glad.  I have heroic pol's blinding eye, warforged 661 arcane trinket, 700 ilvl knights badge, 685 skull or war, heroic tectus heart.  Which is the best.  I was thinking knights badge and skull but I have a crafted weapon and shoulders.  So knights badge and what other trinket?  Tectus heart you all think.

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So nothing to say at all.  I like glad stance but fury is more dps.  So is there anything wrong with going glad stance?  I got a new trinket off of Kazzak. Chipped soul prism.  I have my haste up to 700 as glad 24%ish crit and more mastery.  So what does everyone think?  I have to stay prot off spec for my guild when one of my tanks is not there for the night.  I kind of gear for prot/glad over fury.  Would i be better off going fury when i get a 680+ off hand weapon?  I think i do a little more dmg as glad right now than i do as fury.

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