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Naxx or BRM to start?

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Until recently I have been playing F2P and enjoying the game though frustrated at times getting face mopped by Naxx and BRM cards. With the new expac I am unsure if dropping the $25-50 would be wise if they dynamic of the game may possibly change. Anyone have an opinion?



With the upcoming card release with TGT, should I bother buying Naxx or BRM? And if I should spend the $, which is a "priority" (get now vs. buying with my next paycheck)?



TY for advice XD

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Naxxramas offers very high value, especially for new players. There aren't many BrM cards used outside of Dragon synergy decks. I doubt the meta will significantly shift with the release of TGT (unless they made several nerfs to already existing cards). If you are going to spend real money, I personally recommend naxx, since it offers value to both aggro (creeper, undertaker) and control decks (KT, Chow).

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Hi there,

of course it depends a little on the classes you want to play, but in general I would say that the Naxx cards are more useful and not too specific (e.g. cards like Belcher can be used in a very wide range of decks). So only considering either of these two options, I would say go for Naxx first.

Regarding the impact of the new expansion. A lot of people argue that the impact will not be very drastic with the cards revealed so far beeing too slow. But if you would like to be on the safe side, maybe wait two more weeks until all cards are revealed.

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