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Frustrated Fury warrior seeks knowledge to improve PVE Dps

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Long story short, I've been reading up here on icy-veins. Been using simCraft, changing talents. Trying different tactics. ElitistJerks, icy veins, mmo-champion. Even noxxic. Ive read it all. But still I really struggle to keep up with others on the damage in our raids. And it is very frustrating because I cannot figure out what Im doing wrong anymore.


Current iLvl is 699 

Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/grim-batol/Tumt%C3%BCm/advanced


Log from our latest Archimonde (also our first) kill



Watching Skada/dmg meters during the raid, often seeing my self below the tank makes me feel Im holding everyone back. 


One of the things ive noticed is that even with 40% extra chance to crit with bloodthirst it VERY often fail to crit. Leaving me without enrage. Yes, then I use Berserker rage. But way to often do I end up with BS on cd and bloodthirst not critting. Time after time after time. 



Using the rotation described here on Icy veins.


Fingers crossed for some advice. Just scream out if there is any additional information needed.  


-Instanes, the frustrated warrior

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From what I can see, you don't have either t17 or t18 bonuses which puts you at a major disadvantage in terms of DPS. Your rage management for that fight was fine, there weren't many times that you were sitting around rage capped as you were dumping rage with wild strikes. Your enrage up time was 81% which could be improved by using more uses of berserker rage, but its largely RNG from Bloodthirst. You didn't use your second strength potion during execute phase, which would've helped your DPS immensely. But all in all I wouldn't worry so much, until you get your t18 set pieces. 


Also I see that you have the legendary ring, but it was never used during that fight.

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Thanks for the reply.


Some of the items I have on the armory now, including the legendary ring was acquired the week after the day the logs are from.


Helm, ring, boots, gloves and weapons are new. 


Some things have improved a little. I keep practicing. 


Thanks for the input, much appreciated. 

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