Hearthstone Paladin Mid-Budget Midrange TGT

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This thread is for comments about our Mid-budget Midrange Paladin deck for TGT.

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Hi. I have almost all cards from the list, except these: 2x Quartermaster, 1x Lay on Hand, 1x Big Game Hunter. What do you suggest to put in their place?


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That's a pretty big hit to the deck, you're probably better off running with a cheaper one for now instead of trying to force this one to work with suboptimal cards.

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What do you think about replacing one of the piloted shredders with Gormok the Impaler?  My thinking is that there will be many situations mid to late game where you will have 4 minions with this deck and all you lose is stickyness  with the shredder and some possible juggler synergy.   

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Hi. I have almost all cards from the list, except these: 2x Quartermaster, 1x Lay on Hand, 1x Big Game Hunter. What do you suggest to put in their place?


Hey Mikhail, I hit Rank 9 without any of those cards, but I have since crafted a Quartermaster and am working on a second. They really, really help.


I didn't run Tuskarr Jouster or the 2x Defender of Argus; the 7 cards I ran instead were +1 Equality, +1 Silver Hand Regent, +1 Mukla's Champion, +2 Solemn Vigil, +1 Stormwind Champion, and +1 Avenge. Switching in a Warhorse Trainer for something is also good.


The main thing to remember is to be really greedy with Equality and Consecrate. And seriously, work on crafting a Quartermaster or two. I couldn't believe how much they improve Paladin Decks in terms of consistency.

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So, I‘ve started off with something very much alike this deck. However, due to lack of many cards (Been away from the game) I did some changes. After a bit of grinding, back and forth deck speculation etc. etc., I‘ve come up with a deck that really functions a lot. I would still appreciate any feedback that can be provided, and I do know that this deck in no way is the best one out there.

Deck consists off (Explanations behind):
2x Zombie Chow (Only 1-drop, most wanted mulligan)
1x Equality (1 Seems to do the trick, though I do want 2 in some situations)
1x Ironbeak Owl (I mean, who doesn‘t appreciate those silences? So useful in so many situations)
2x Shielded Minibot (Best 2-drop for Pala imho)

2x Muster for Battle (One of, if not the, best 3-drop for Pala)

2x Aldor Peacekeeper (Gotta love making Dr. Boom a 1/7 or even Mysterious Challenger buffed up into a 1/10)
1x BGH (For those pesky big drops that you just can‘t handle at the moment)
2x Truesilver (Great removal, especially since this deck is overly mid-game focused)
2x Consecration (Often I tend to go behind on board pre turn 5-6, where Consecration normally solves it)
1x Elise Starseeker (In lack of a better option/Trying to have fun in ranked etc. etc.)
2x Kepper of Uldaman (Insanly strong and versatile card. Can‘t imagine playing Paladin without it)

2x Murloc Knight (For board flood, as well as effin‘ up the Murloc Paladin‘s combos)

2x Piloted Shredder (Self explanatory imo)

2x Antique Healbot (This deck needs some heal)

1x Loatheb (Great to push that Flamestrike one more turn or even other combos (Druid, Paladin, Freeze Mage etc.))
2x Sludge Belcher (Best Taunt in the game, imo, normally eats far more dmg than the 7 health it has combined #VALUE!)

1x Emperor Thaurissan (Not sure if this really is as good as I want it to be)

1x Dr Boom (One of the few legs I have, as well as it is one of the best neutral in the game, imo.)

1x Tirion Fordring (The only class specific legendary I have)

Now, as you maybe see by now, the deck consists of only two 1-drops, four 2-drops, five 3-drops and a total eleven 4-drops. I‘ve had mixed success with this, where I mostly rely on some draw and smart trades as well as a good read. As well as that, I have been beating Fatigue Warrior, MurlocPala, Freeze Mage and Aggro Druid quite consistently at lower ranks (15-13).

My question to you is: What cards should be swapped, why and with what? I do lack a lot of cards, but at least this will give me some insight in future crafting.

Cheers for any and all replies!

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Would swapping
1x Tuskarr Jouster TGT

Cairn Bloodhoof or Ragnaros be a good deal?

Cairn costs +1 mana, but has a great deathrattle.

I am not a great fan of Tuskarrs battlecry (too much luck dependend imo).

I cant test the deck yet, because I haven't bought the 2 wings and lack Keeper of Uldaman (which seems like a really important card to me. Buffing your cheap minions to 3/3 or reducing a strong enemy to 3/3 - what do you want more?) But I am saving my gold now smile.png

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Tuskarr Jouster is at the worst a 5 mana 5/5, which is not bad. If you trigger the heal against aggro decks, it can sometimes even win you the game. 

Cairne is too slow to be used. If he gets silenced, he loses you too much value and tempo.

Rag is a fine card, but not that useful when the meta is full of paladins. 

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Hello Sottle,

first of all, thanks for posting all of these decks, they are all great and helped me a lot through my journey.

Now to the problematic part, I am missing Tirion, second murloc knight and Tuskar. Replaced Tirion with boom (not best but alteast the value is about same), murloc with second quartermaster (lucky me) and tuskar with antique since i like the 100% heal more even the body itself isnt that threatening.

But I've got little more cards so I now somewhere in middle of budget and full deck and iam not sure what to kick out to get them in. Mainly Sylvanas, Ysera, Pilotes Sky golem and Grand Crusader. What would you replaced to include atleast some of them?


Thanks and keep up the great work ^^


P.S. saw you yesterday on the PAX stream, really entertaining to watch and learned few stuff too

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