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Hearthstone Legendary Malygos Combo Shaman TGT

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Doing some experimentation,I put in ysera and nexus champion saraad tomadd spells to my hand in control matchups. Maly survives a souped up ysera awakens. Can't cycle through to aoe easily enough,but I don't have far eye so that's the probable cause.

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I usually love your decks and on the paper, this one looked awesome.


But in fact it is extremely difficult  to survive AND dig for the combo. The old versions with more minions and more draw worked better, allowing you to rely less on heal and getting you to the combo faster.


I'm not a good player, but you other decks work much better.


Sorry about that, and thanx for your awesome job on this very rich website.

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I've been having fun with another build of the deck, dropping the Healing wave package to play more aggressive value early creatures. I also added Alexstrasza in case I don't draw malygos, or need quick healing, or need help against control warrior's life total. I'd love some input on this one


1 Earth Shock

2 Lightning Bolt

2 Rockbiter Weapon

2 Ancestral Knowledge

2 Crackle

2 Lava Shock

2 Totem Golem

1 Elemental Destruction

2 Far Sight

1 Feral Spirit

2 Hex

1 Lava Burst

2 Lightning Storm

1 Mana Tide Totem

2 Tuskarr Totemic

1 Ancestor's Call

1 Thunder Bluff Valiant

1 Emperor Thaurissan

1 Alexstraza

1 Malygos



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I would like to include the weapon that once it deathrattles it changes the hero power to dealing 2 damage or sir finley for the healer or armor hero powers

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