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[Boomkin] Baby boomy needs advice

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I'm fairly new to the boomkin game, so please go easy on me.

I don't actually know if what the dps i'm doing is proper for my ilvl, but I feel like i'm underperforming compared with the other dps in my guild.


In this fight, I chose to change up my talent for the first time that night, replacing ability_druid_balanceofpower.jpgBalance of Power with achievement_boss_valithradreamwalker.jpgEuphoria



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From what I can tell you are doing fine but to further increase execution try casting wrath in the last 10 points of lunar phase and starfire in last 15-20 of solar phase takes a bit of practice to get down but once you do it will be around a 3-4k jump as you are not wasting any of your eclipse

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I know I'm late in answering this but here it goes.


First, Euphoria is the best talent in that tier for all fights in HFC, the casting speed you get for your opener is too good right now. Balance of Power may be decent on Council, but without near perfect execution, you're going to lose a lot more dps than you will gain.


Looking at your opener on Zakkun, it seems really bad. You only casted 1 starsurge the whole time you were in Incarnation?  





Here is an example of my opener on my last Zakkun kill. Notice the starsurges weaved in between every 2 star fires. (i precasted starsurge after pre popping Incarnation at 3s pull timer)



You can reference here a small guide I made, im going to update it soon with some small changes i made, but the basic idea is the same.



General rule you should follow for your starsurges is "Save your starsurge for starfires"  The only times you should be using starsurge for wrath are as follows

  1. You are at 3 charges and you have 0 solar empowerment buffs
  2. You need to move and you have 0 solar empowerment AND you have sunfire applied.
  3. You have less than 8 seconds on your next starsurge (you have and timer for it right?) charge and are about to reach 3 while still in solar AND have 0 solar empowerment charges
  4. You have 1 or more Lunar empowerment while in solar and you wont get the starfires cast in time before your timer refreshes another stack


Try to not think about 'what if i proc shooting stars and i cap' if it happens, hey it happens, while you're learning its fine to cap and once you get a better feel for the spec you'll know when to dump charges. Starfire is your MAIN NUKE. You want to make sure you get 3 (ideally) starfire casts off while you're in lunar eclipse. Don't waste your empowerment on wrath unless you need to follow a rule above.  Try to time your movement in solar, its more of a dps gain to keep casting spells if you can in solar, but you don't lose as much as if you were in lunar.  


Try to only refresh moonfire every OTHER eclipse, if you're forced to move, thats a good time to refresh your dot as well, but the biggest concept I can give you is when in lunar, NUKE NUKE NUKE. Try to get at least 2 starsurges and 2-3 starfires during lunar phase.


Your dot uptime looks ok, just work at keeping it up 100%, but it looks fine so far.


Get a new trinket. Unblinking eye is really bad in general.  I've seen some people mention its good for single target on Zakkun, but i think that applies to people with more gear / higher dps / more experience.


Some of your gear.... I'm sorry.  I suppose you allready know you need to work on that, cant do anything about not having drops. (I would recommend gettings the highest ilvl staff that you can, Gorefiend is a decent one. Makes things a bit easier.)



Other than the opener and just focusing on making starfire hit harder, i think you're doing ok.

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From what I can tell you are doing fine but to further increase execution try casting wrath in the last 10 points of lunar phase and starfire in last 15-20 of solar phase takes a bit of practice to get down but once you do it will be around a 3-4k jump as you are not wasting any of your eclipse



10 seconds? each eclipse phase lasts 8 seconds (assuming you're using the correct talents)

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