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Feng the Accursed Shroud of Reversal Timings (Lighting Fists)

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So in my raid group, I am the one with the Shroud of Reversal and I was wonder how to get Lighting Fists captured perfectly. On normal, I have a 50% success rate, but we are doing heroics now and I wanted to find a way to get 100% success rate.

What I have been doing is waiting for Feng to do his Lighting Lash, then pop my Shroud ASAP. The timing works out that the other tank will get stunned when I am channeling it.

The thing is though, am I suppose to channel it on the other tank while he is stunned? I am sorta confused on the mechanics behind how to capture the stun.

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Basically, you want the other tank to get hit by the lightning (damage and stun) while you are channeling Shroud on him.

What has been working for me these past few weeks is to start chanelling Shroud on my OT as soon as Feng starts to cast Lightning Fist.

Our causes of failure were always one of these 2 things: Either the tank moved out of it and didn't get it, or he stood his back to the wall and the lightning didn't hit him for whatever reason (if the lightning doesnt have a clear path behind the tank it acts kinda funny sometimes).

As long as the boss is not facing a wall and your other tank doesn't move, you should be good to get 100% catches.

One last thing, if ever he doesn't get hit by hit, it is possible for him to run back into the lightning while you still are chanelling, it moves slowly enough for him to catch up and get hit.

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Easiest way to get a 100% success rate is learn to recognize the boss's movement when he is about to cast fists, and then channal as he is winding up for the cast. You can see him wind up over his right shoulder, then slam forward where the lightning comes from. If you want to study the animation, use the WoWHead model viewer for Feng and look at the animation for "Slam" - he uses this animation, although it happens a bit slower than the WoWHead one (since he casts while his hands are raised). See the 0:43 second mark in this video:

Also, on heroic I'd suggest assigning a mobile ranged to be the person you channel on, not the other tank. They pre-position ahead of the boss and can much more easily soak the stun vs having one of the tanks do it.

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