Hearthstone Secrets Midrange Paladin no Naxx/BrM

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This thread is for comments about our Secrets Midrange Paladin deck with no Naxx or BrM cards.

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    • By Zadina
      We are catching up on three reveals: the Paladin Legendary champion, a Neutral Epic minion with Secret Synergy and a Rogue spell!
      High Priest Thekal was unveiled by Thijs on YouTube:

      This is probably the most exciting card revealed so far! High Priest Thekal combines premium stats and a Battlecry that enables Paladin's healing spells, as well as increasing your maximum Health. It works great with Zandalari Templar, as well as cards from previous expansions like Crystalsmith Kangor and Benevolent Djinn. Of course, let's not forget Paladin's Classic healing spells and his signature weapon Truesilver Champion - unfortunately all of those are Even cards, whereas the High Priest is odd. Control Paladin has all the tools it needs to be a strong archetype in Rastakhan's Rumble.
      The following card was supposed to be revealed later today, but it was shown ahead of schedule. The leak was made by ZoomHS; his video is in Spanish.

      The Battlecry is definitely powerful if its condition is met. This might be tricker to do on curve/turn 3 but easier later in the game. Let's examine all classes that have Secrets along with this card. Mage Secrets don't curve too well with Masked Contender. Paladin Secrets are garbage if you draw them and Paladin already has a similar card, Bellringer Sentry, which hasn't seen much play. Rogue doesn't have enough Secrets. Lastly, Hunter Secrets are the ones that work better with Masked Contender, but the Battlecry doesn't count towards the Hunter Spellstone. Despite just listing all the negative aspects of this card, most people consider it the sleeper card of the set. Masked Contender can be a valuable addition in Secret decks in Wild mode.
      Lastly, Walk the Plank was revealed by the official Hearthstone Twitter account:

      I love the flavour of this card! Because of the condition, it's not that much better than Assassinate, a card that has seen virtually no play. It's an even card though and it works well with the other Rogue Spells, so perhaps we might see it in an Even Miracle Rogue deck. Perhaps an Even Pirate Rogue deck could also work, since Cannon Barrage is 6-mana, but the powerful Raiding party is at 3-mana. Vilespine Slayer is also rotating out of Standard in half a year and although Walk the Plank pales in comparsion to the Vilespine, it might actually be a decent-ish replacement.
      Images courtesy of Hearthpwn.
    • By Zadina
      A Shaman weapon and a Neutral Beast have been revealed. Let's check them out!
      Amani War Bear was revealed by MustPlay. They also unveiled Revenge of the Wild.

      This looks like a decent pack filler card. It definitely is excellent in Arena. We'll have to see if it survives in Constructed: in the Thai stream it was played along with Revenge of the Wild in a Kathrena deck. If people find ways to Recruit, Resurrect or summon this directly from their hand, it might see Constructed play.
      Likkim was revealed by Chinese streamer FatCatBall on YouTube. The video has English subtitles.

      Shaman keeps getting variations of the same weapon. Likkim definitely looks on par with Spirit Claws and Jade Claws. As shown in the video, the +2 Attack lasts for two turns: the turn you Overload and the next turn that your Crystals are still overloaded. The issue is that Overload Shaman, while viable, isn't exactly good either. We'll have to see if any other cards that support this archetype are printed in Rastakhan's Rumble. On a vacuum, though, if you find a way to Overload yourself, this weapon looks quite powerful.
      Images courtesy of Hearthpwn.
    • By Zadina
      The reveal season for Rastakhan's Rumble has kicked off with the customary live stream. This time, the hosts are Senior Game Designer Peter Whalen and Regiskillbin.
      The stream has conculded. All the cards revealed will also be added into our Rastakhan's Rumble hub. The full schedule for the following card reveals can be found here.
      Nine cards were revealed:

      The counter doesn't start over if you bounce Jan'alai!
      The Hero Power hitting adjacent minions counts for Jan'alai's counter! Works with Frost Lich Jaina's Hero Power. However, Ice Walker only freezes the targeted minion and not the adjacent ones with the Spirit present.
    • By Zadina
      It turns out that Dragon Warrior is definitely going to return in Rastakhan's Rumble and the Warrior Legendary Champion is proof of that!
      The card was revealed in the third episode of the Wronchi Animations series of videos for Rastakhan's Rumble (here is Part 1 and Part 2). Krag'wa the Frog is literally swallowing the opponent Annoy-o-trons, when War Master Voone shows up, astounding Garrosh in the audience.
      The video has an older version of the card, since it looks like the team decided that the final version of Voone is actually a 4-mana 4/3:

      The wording is slightly vague, but the copies are added to your hand. As shown in the video, this could work great with The Boomship. However, if you are playing expensive Dragons, I don't see how useful it would be to have more copies of them unless you are absolutely sure that the game is going to last long enough so you can play them all. There's also the problem that currently in Standard there aren't that many powerful Dragons and we've yet to see any new ones in Rastakhan's Rumble. Other than that, War Master Voone and the newly revealed Firetree Witchdoctor can work great in a Dragon Warrior deck and let it be noted that they are both Even cards.
    • By Zadina
      It seems that Dragons will have a big part in Rastakhan's Rumble as this versatile and cheap Neutral minion can Discover a spell if you are holding a Dragon!
      Hafu revealed this card on YouTube:

      We haven't seen any Dragons revealed so far, but it's safe to assume that they will have some kind of presence in Rastakhan's Rumble. People are already thinking that Dragon Warrior might be a thing, due to the reveal of Smolderthorn Lancer. The Discover component of this card makes it very versatile and probably a staple in Dragon decks to come, since it's undeniable that Dragons will keep being printed in future expansions. The potential is definitely there, but without having seen any other Dragons from the upcoming expansion it's difficult to talk about which classes Firetree Witchdoctor can find a home in.