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Hearthstone Legendary Control Warrior No Naxx/BrM

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Guest Filip

Hey! Thank You so much for this control warrior, finally found something without those p2w expansions like naxx and LoE. Had most of these cards, but I played them in some strange, badly constructed deck and I was constantly losing even on low ranks.I started on rank 19 and now I'm 5-0 and I will keep you updated with my record. 


I spent all my dust on alexstrasza and second shield slam, so I'm playing Piloted sky golem instead of sylvanas, and so far so good, bud im saving dust to get her, because it is a must in this deck. Wasn't so sure if I need alexstrasza, but I crafted her and now I'm so glad I did! It was basically winning condition in every single game, unlike from Grommash, which I didnt use once yet. But I'm sure his time will come. Btw having for example dr. boom on deck + mounted gorehowl and alexstrasza in my hand = deadly lethal even if he has 30 health, insane. 


Will post another message after some games, we will see how this deck will work against higher ranks and some LoE sh*t like Reno and secret paladins.


Thank you for the good work, keep it up! 


Filip K. a.k.a edensplitter # 2854

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