Hearthstone November 2015 Ranked Play Season Final Rankings

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Check out the top 10 players in Legend rank for November 2015 in all three regions (Americas, Europe and Asia).






It is refreshing to see dotDark, a brand new face, on the top of the list. The two most recognisable players in this top 10, justsayian and SilentStorm, placed second and fourth respectively. Another famous player, TempoStorm's Eloise, one of the best female Hearthstone players in the world, was 19th.

For the full rankings in the Americas, check out the US official site.






Congratulations for the first place to MrYagut! He has been around in Legend ranks for a while now and his decks are pretty popular. As far as other well-known players in the EU ranks are concerned, StanCifka ranked 4th this time, Rdu landed in the 12th place and Neirea was 57th.

The EU top 100 for November 2015 can be found in the EU official site.






In the Asian rankings, tom60229, runner-up in the recent Celestial Invitational tournament, secured the fifth place. You can see the rest of the rankings on the Korean official site. Knowledge of Korean is not necessarily required to read the leaderboard!

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