Last Day of the Christmas Competition

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Check this post for our last set of clues in the Icy Veins Christmas Treasure Hunt!

Just in case you haven't caught up on our competition rules, you can check them out here. You need to give your answers in a reply to this post. We will not accept any other forms of entry. You can check back here for new clues on the last day of the competition. All answers that you submit will remain hidden until we can see that 10 people have got the answer. This will not affect the time of entry in any way, the forum will keep track of that for us.
Today's clues will be about an NPC within the current live patch of Warlords of Draenor. It can be found somewhere within the game at this moment, either on Azeroth, Outland or Draenor. The post will be closing at 18:00 CET on 30th December, 2015.
Good luck and remember: Don't waste your guesses!
Clue 1


No allegiance yet made, she requested his aid.

Clue 2
Unveiled on our Twitter at 22:00 CET.
Clue 3
Unveiled on our Twitter at 03:00 CET.
Clue 4
Unveiled on our Twitter at 13:00 CET.
The contest has finally come to a close! Today’s answer was: Gunther Arcanus. Now he may not be the most well-known NPC, but he’s pretty damn cool. Let’s look at our clues:

Clue 1: Gunther, after freeing himself from the Lich King (this is a pretty incredible feat to do so by oneself), never allied himself with any faction. He sat on an island alone, surrounded by the mindless dead. He believed every undead was like those around him and in the Scourge.


It wasn’t until a book of a Lich was uncovered that the Forsaken and Sylvanas finally remembered him. Through his old friend, Bethor Iceshard, you make contact with this incredibly powerful being and convince him that there is a faction of undead free from the Lich King.


Clue 2: Before his death in the Third War, Gunther was actually a mage and necromancer within the Kirin Tor. He was an incredibly powerful mage in life, and even more so in death. One of the books within The Violet Citadel lists him as one of the casualties of the war.


Clue 3: This references the fact that he was surrounded by that which he feared he had become; the mindless dead wander around the island and he believed this was everything the undead was capable of.


Clue 4: This references the fact that the island on which he is camped is in the middle of Brightwater Lake, in Tirisfal Glades. It is directly in view of the Undercity, hence the city of the banshee royalty, Sylvanas.


Points for Day 5

  1. Brusho: 100 Points
  2. Nocturnez: 80 Points
  3. SnappleJesus: 65 Points

Check out the overall final rankings here.

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I don't know if it's ok, but my first answer wasn't entirely correct, the NPC is Shade of Aran, but i only wrote the Person, Nielas Aran.

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