Hearthstone NA: December 2015 Ranked Play and HWC Point Standings

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Blizzard have released the final standings from Ranked Play Season 21, which is the first season that counts towards the Hearthstone World Championship (HWC). They have also updated their standings page for World Championship points. On the North American server, Fibonacci topped the ladder, while Purple is currently in first place on points in the HWC race.

We reported previously that Fibonacci had reached Rank One Legend with a new build of Warrior. This list confirms that he held on to top spot. He has finished top of Ranked Play Seasons several times before, and will almost certainly be a consistent contender in the HWC points race each season.

The top 20 NA ladder rankings for Season 21 were as follows:


There are several other well known players on the list. NaviOOT, Amnesiac, TidesofTime, Vlps, and sjow all stream regularly while Dart and muzzy have both been seen on the tournament circuit from time to time.

There are eight players with 12 or more points in the HWC standings.


At this early stage, the players are roughly in order of their ladder positions, however Purple leads by virtue of his win at Dreamhack Winter. After finishing in the top sixteen at the 2015 World Championship, Purple is many people's early pick for 2016 World Champion.

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