Hearthstone: Fibonacci's Other December Deck Revealed in Blizzard Spotlight

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Blizzard have published a spotlight on ladder big hitter, Fibonacci. Fibonacci doesn't get sighted in many tournaments, but all serious ladder contenders will know that his mastery of Warrior is virtually unparalleled. This means that their interview is a rare insight into his thought process when making decks aimed at topping the ladder.

Being top three times, and in the top ten on two other occasions, means that his strategy is worth trying to decipher. What was interesting to me, was that he spends the whole month effectively preparing for the last day. He also mixed up his deck percentages in a 70%/30% split in December. I suspect that's a pattern that works well to make sure he plays the deck he thinks is the best, but is also far less exploitable by potential opponents. I would not be surprised if he uses the 70%/30% split a lot of the time.

His two decks from December are listed in the article. We previously covered his Warrior deck, so I have listed his Freeze Mage deck below.


This deck can be played using Sottle's Legendary Freeze Mage guide. The main changes being that the Malygos replaces Archmage Antonidas, and that Coldlight Oracle replaces Acolyte of Pain. The deck plays in the same way as the one in the guide, but the changes above mean that there is a little less fiddling around with mana to ping your own Acolyte, or to set up Fireballs from Antonidas. These are purely tech choices that suited Fibonacci, and you should be willing to try various versions to see what suits you and the meta you are playing against.

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