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Trump's Follow Up Video on How Decks Will Change in Standard

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Trump has made a follow up video to his recent release on how existing decks will change when the new format comes in. This time around, he has prebuilt currently played decks using only cards that will be Standard legal. It is a very comprehensive guide, and gives a great feel for how things might look in the future.

In the video, Trump uses a similar approach to that of several other pro players, from when they posted their reactions soon after the announcement of the Standard format. As you would expect from Trump, this is a very professionally made video. Having the decks readily on hand gives him more time to discuss them properly. He gives his views on which decks remain strong, which decks would be overpowered and will need nerfs, and which decks are going to be unplayable without help from the next set.

I feel that this is as complete a round-up as you will get on the topic before the contents of the next set, and nerfs to current cards, are actually made public. There is always a danger that people read too much into the next meta as there will be almost certainly many news decks available. However, for anyone looking to get a head start, or at least a feel for the new format, this is the best guide made so far.

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