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Mobile auction house ....failing

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Is anyone else having problems with Mobile Auction House? I haven't been able to get on it in a few days (EU realms).

Couldn't seem to find a blue post on it.

It's getting annoying now....my throne time is getting wasted!

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    • By knight85
      I just got my subscription for wow last night.
      and at the moment i'm trying to clear out the inventories of some characters from the starter edition so that i can start fresh using the old characters names.
      my only problem is that even with the 6 bank characters i've made. i'm running out of space.
      the majority of my items are are darkmoon firewaters and food items you can buy in darkmoon faire that i got from sealed darkmoon crates while farming for daggermaws during the last darkmoon faire.
      so i want to know if these items are actually worth anything on the auction house?
      the addon i have for the auction says they are but i dont know how reliable that is.
    • By Datcoopguy
      So little context of this video we were having a smooth raid but then we kept wiping to dumb stuff and little things and suddenly our raid leader snapped and suddenly started bursting into song while leading during our progression and get this we started downing things. Some pretty moments in it.
    • By Gnar
      Been a while since I last wrote but new job has been pretty intense.  Guild finally made it to Heroic Garrosh.
      I have a problem though and logs to back it up.  I'm using glyphed Havoc on Garrosh and then shitting on the first wave of adds with Shadowburn when they are close to dying.  Look up at my auras, 6 charges left on Havoc.  DA FUQ...
      Huge damage losses and repeated testing showed it wasn't just a one fight glitch. I'd like to know if any others have had this issue.  I have already submitted a ticket as well but if you have similar problems, please submit as well.
    • By nicarlitos
      This trink dropped for me off a bonus roll on Animus last night.
      On face value, it looks alright- 8.8k mastery proc for 20 seconds and the potential to stack 3 times. Seemed tidy.
      I decided to equip it, what with it being all shiny and new, and we want on and killed Qon and twins without issue. I don't think I saw one proc. Not even from trash.
      I'm not one to even attempt theorycrafting....but I think for a DK tank (not reforging or gemming into dodge), this is a terrible trinket. I reckon that I might get 1 proc in 10 minutes of tanking a boss.
      Here's my workings and assumptions. I'm in no way a theorycrafter, so these may be way off, but hopefully close enough to illustrate how bad this thing is.
      Boss swing rate 0.5 per second
      Dodge chance 10% (close enough)
      Proc rate for trinket 4% change on dodge 
      Fight length 5 minutes
      Boss swings 150 (5 * 60 * 0.5)
      Dodged swings 15 (150 * 10%)
      Procs 0.6         (15 * 4%)
      So, in 5 solid minutes of single target boss tanking there's a 60% chance of getting 1 proc. Factor in tank swaps and times when the boss doesn't melee....then this can only drop.
      For fights with lots of adds, I would assume the proc rate would go up....but still seems very weak. I guess I'll go back to the liquid courage!
      Anyway....any thoughts appreciated here before I dump this in my bank and forget about it.
    • By nicarlitos
      Another loot rant from me.
      I am a blood DK, but I got this lame sword on a bonus roll in LFR:
      Greatsword of Frozen Hells, a 2H strength sword.
      It has Crit and Haste as its additional stats....therefore its about as crap as its possible to get for a blood DK. It doesn't even have a good socket bonus.
      I'm annoyed that this is a potential drop for my class and annoyed at wasting a roll.
      I'm trying to convince Blizz that there's a bug in the loot table....to me this is clearly a DPS weapon.
      Its bad enough that the BiS in this tier is a shared boss drop without having crap like this. I should have got my Bo'Ris, not this junk.
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