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Hearthstone Card Reveals: Mark of Y'Shaarj, Shadow Word: Horror, and Scaled Nightmare

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Spoiler season continues today with three more card reveals. This article covers Mark of Y'Shaarj, Shadow Word: Horror, and Scaled Nightmare. This brings the total number of cards revealed so far to thirty seven.


Mark of Y'Shaarj is an interesting addition to Beast Druid. If it has a home, it will be in an aggressive deck, where the extra damage plus the refuel for the hand might have good value. Note that this does not give Taunt, unlike Mark of the Wild


Cards like Shadow Word: Horror are required in card games to stop specific archetypes from getting out of control. If there are aggro decks that rely entirely on tiny minions, this card will be there to stamp them out. It is also possible that it will remove enough of an enemy board to be a playable card anyway, but that will require more testing in the new meta.


Scaled Nightmare builds on existing Dragon synergy. It seems overpriced for what it does, but perhaps it could find a home in Dragon decks that can draw out enough of their opponent's removal early to make it a genuine threat.

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I don't think "Mark of ysharraajgjash" should be necessarily used in aggro decks, since beast druid is strong as a midrange deck as well. Also, aggro decks don't seem to care that much about draw.

I really like Scaled Nightmare, even though it is simply a win-more card. Dragon decks tend to have strong midgame, so often Scaled Nightmare will be in safety, which means it will be a 4/8 for 6 on your turn, which seems to be at least ok. Also, it has got awesome art. I don't think it will be played by pro players, but I will definitely try it for fun.

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