Hearthstone Card Reveals: Cho'Gall and Possessed Villager

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Warlock has done well in the latest round of card reveals. In this update we cover Cho'Gall and Possessed Villager. This brings the total number of cards revealed so far to fifty five.


Cards that break the rules in card games are often a good place to look for potentially great new cards. Cho'Gall falls firmly in that category. One of the problems with playing a 7/7 on turn seven is usually that you can't do anything else the turn that it comes into play. This highlights one of the reasons that Dr. Boom was so powerful. Although you couldn't do anything else on turn seven, the Boom Bots gave some removal options and provided an additional threat.

Cho'Gall not only occupies the board as a big body, but allows the player to do something else on the same turn. Although the downside of having to pay life appears to be large, it seems likely that in a well tuned deck, players will be able to protect him immediately. At the time of writing, the most expensive Warlock spells are Twisting Nether, Siphon Soul, and Dark Bargain. Siphon Soul seems to be the most natural choice of those three, but the power of being able to play a two or three mana spell alongside Cho'Gall should not be underestimated.


Possessed Villager is very similar to Argent Squire in function. Overall it does seem to have a few slight positives over Argent Squire in the context of current Zoo decks. Cards that destroy minions such as Power Overwhelming and Void Terror interact better with Possessed Villager. Against this, permanent buffs such as Lance Carrier interact better with the Argent Squire.

Links to other recently revealed cards:

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Thing From Below, Master of Evolution, and Vilefin Inquisitor Here.
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Mark of Y'Shaarj, Shadow Word: Horror, and Scaled Nightmare: Here.

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