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Hearthstone: Disguised Toast Video Shows How To Give Face Taunt

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One of the long standing memes among Hearthstone aggro players is that face has taunt. Well, until it was patched, that was actually possible. YouTuber Disguised Toast shows us how in his latest video.

The bug that created this was the interaction between Fandral Staghelm and Dark Wispers. The presence of Fandral somehow overrode the minion condition on the Dark Wispers, meaning you could not only give your hero Taunt, but +5/+5 as well!

Blizzard have since hotfixed the issue.

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An effect that could give the hero taunt for one turn would be interesting though. Maybe for warrior or paladin. Seems thematically fitting. Actually... Rouge has this with conceal in a way. But hero taunt would not grant spell immunity to your minions. Food for thought I guess.

Edited for horrendous typos.

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