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Ret - Stat Priority Different Between Low & High Item Level?

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Okay, I have a question/questions regarding retribution paladins.

First off, this is the information I go off of. I tend to find that experts of this game recommend that gemming haste > strength produces the best dps results at high item levels. I just leveled to 90 yesterday, and I have something around 440 item level.

I've also heard that gemming primarily for strength produces better results at low item levels, but that it eventually changes into haste at some point. Can somebody give me a rough estimate of when it would be appropriate to shift the focus toward haste? And is this theory correct in the first place?

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That is correct. Pre-raid 1 Strength > 2 Haste. I would probably not worry about switching to haste gemming priority till about 480ish ilvl.

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Okay, that's all I needed to know :D. Thank you!

PS, I haven't used askmrrobot before... Does it generally take these things into account? Would the system calculate that change in priority upon reaching the proper gear quality?

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Unfortunately no it won't automatically. Just go use the edit weights button and set strength to 4.00 and it should work fine for you. Posted Image

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If you know how to use SimC, you can also use that to get specific weights for your current gear itemization to make AMR's suggestions more optimal. The default weights that AMR uses are generally good, but from an "overall" perspective.

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